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  1. Hi, I am in a same boat of MTR. H1b denied: 03-Oct-2017 MTR filled: 14-Nov-2017 and status is "Case was received". It has been more that 6 months. Is this normal? Has anyone received approval after 6 months?
  2. BePositive+

    H1B MTR appeal was approved

    Congratulations @ flash47 Can you share details like a reason for denial, if the application was for full-time role or contract position? My MTR was filed in November 2017 and still waiting for results.
  3. BePositive+

    H1B MTR submitted - What next?

    I have applied MTR in Nov-2018. Still no response. Let's hope for the best and have patience.
  4. Hi, Thanks for opening the discussion on this topic. I did my MS in Regulatory Affairs and my H1B got denied for FY 2018. My employer filed MTR and result is still pending. This year too my H1 got picked in the lottery and SEVIS end date got extended to end of Sep-2018. This is my last chance for H1b. Would you recommend taking an admission for MS in Univerisity which provides Day 1 CPT? Thanks.
  5. BePositive+

    H1B Denial

    hi @Karn89 Thanks for your response. As I mentioned I don't event know what RFE was about. I think it was about the duration of my contract with current employer as I am on a contract. My employer informed me the denial was about 'Specialty Occupation'. Do you have any information about international travel on MTR? I am working on my OPT so I have valid visa for entry.
  6. BePositive+

    H1B Denial

    Hi, My H1B picked in lottery and it got denied in last week. (Issued RFE, responded and now denied) My employer did not share RFE letter with me and now is not ready to disclose the denial letter as well under "Confidentiality" reasons. Now the employer is planning to file MTR. Could you please answer my below question: 1. I think they should really share the RFE and Denial letter on my case with me. Is their "Confidentiality" reason valid? 2. Is it allowed to travel Internationally if MTR has been filed? 3. Any idea of success rate of MTR?
  7. Hi, I also received denial on my H1B application for Specialty Occupation in last week. My employer is planning to file MTR, could you please answer below questions? 1. My employer (agency) is not disclosing the denial notice to me. Is this normal? I think I should get to see the denial notice. Any advice? 2. Can I travel internationally during the MTR? 3. Any idea what is the success rate of MTR. Thanks in advance.