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  1. srk24

    H1 B extension question

    You should discuss this with your employer. Others wouldnt know your situation. Recommended to get a new project which will provide you with client letter and contract documents.
  2. srk24

    RFE for nearing 6 years in H1b

    They probably did not submit approved 140 alongwith?
  3. srk24

    H1B xfer for profit to non-profit

    I spent time in non profit and private as well, have done plenty research on this subject. 1) Yes, you can. Just retain the original/Scanned copy of approved cap case 797 for future use (If you move out of Nonprofit/Academic to Private industry) 2) Non profit is still H1, so it is counted against 6 years. Just like a regular H1. If you like the position go for it. Good luck!
  4. Even H1's are eligible for Public trust. As long as you have all the documents with you don't have to worry.
  5. srk24

    can i travel out when i filled my MTR for H1B

    You can certainly travel out. No you will not lose MTR.
  6. At the rate the country is headed to, we can be in H1 for 20 year, nobody would give a damn. I dont know why you would stay past 60 days. IF extension gets approved, be prepared for a good reason. Out of status past 60 days will not be taken lightly. Consult with your attorney and Murthy attorneys as well.
  7. srk24

    H1B RFE for level 1 wage

    Neither of you have a friggin clue what you are talkin about. Thats for sure. Instead of going into random threads and taking a ****, you should keep a journal to yourself. Instead of spreading misinformation. I can say for sure, neither of you is a juris doctor. Just random trolls.
  8. I used up all my 6 years of H1. I have 140 approved. If my H1 extn is denied and I leave to India, how long should I wait to get a new H1? Am I exempt? or do I have to go through lottery again?
  9. srk24

    H1B RFE for level 1 wage

    Its perfectly legal for some one to be in Level 1 wage to perform higher tasks. Given the speed at which tech industry moves, for a person that worked in a technology for 2 years, would have to relearn something new every so often. Its presumptuous and irresponsible of you to come in and throw a loaded accusatory statement as "Fishy". Really hope moderators straighten you out.
  10. srk24

    H1B RFE for level 1 wage

    Are you an attorney? I see a pattern where you go into every thread and flagging posts and calling everything and everyone fishy and fraud. If you are going to view the world with a set of lenses, you are better of keeping it yourself, than to come in to forum and post a one liner that has ZERO value to anyone.
  11. srk24

    H1B RFE for level 1 wage

    My employer received RFE for Level 1 wage, citing i am in senior role with much more responsibilities and duties than Level 1. I make much more pay than Level 1 or 2 for that matter and I have pay-stubs going back to last year. But I don't know what the strategy or plan is yet. Attorney wants to take time to understand and respond. Sad part is my 6th year is over last month, have approved I-140. I am worried about if this gets denied, I would have to leave the country after 9 years. I worked so hard to get here just like others and worked hard every day to be what I am and be a socially responsible individual as well, trying to assimilate and appear easy on western eyes and ears. Yet... feeling betrayed being targeted. Could you all please share what outcomes you are seeing and any other info that's helpful.