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  1. Could someone please respond?
  2. Hi, I have my visa interview next week. As per my employer (not a DCC) we don't need any latest documentation since nothing has changed in my petition as of today. My only concern is that I have the client letter which was issued in July, so can I still use the same for next week's interview?
  3. OOS_70

    Anyone going to Toronto for H1 interview

    End of November. I was looking for slots between 1st and 2nd week of November.
  4. OOS_70

    Anyone going to Toronto for H1 interview

    No I am not able to get the slot...
  5. OOS_70

    Anyone going to Toronto for H1 interview

    Hi, I am looking for interview dates in Nov 1st or 2nd week. Does anyone see the dates or are they filled out?
  6. Hi, I am planning to go to Toronto for my visa interview. Anyone planning in the month of November?
  7. OOS_70

    Oct 17th Visa Toronto

    Kumar, when is your interview? I am also planning to go to Toronto in November.
  8. It looks like I am in exactly like your situation. Can we get in touch? Please share your email address or send me an email which is in profile.
  9. OOS_70

    Out of status for 12 day

    Thanks for your responses.
  10. OOS_70

    Out of status for 12 day

    Hi, I was laid off in summer and was out of status for 12days including the 60 days grace period. I was able to get a new job and H1 was filed, but what are the chances of H1 getting approved with 12 days of out of status Did anyone got their H1 approved being out of status? Thank You