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  1. Sureshkumar46

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Hi Rohith, Sorry to hear about your case. May i know what all documents you submitted? if possible, email me your contact number to discuss further.
  2. Sureshkumar46

    H1B Transfer RFE under speciality occupation

    @vkaperm I would suggest to withdraw the current LCA and file a new one with wage level 2 or 3 and i have come across lots of people who got their extension approved recently.
  3. @kamalbalwani2 Mine has not been filed yet... i shall let you know once it has been filed.
  4. Sureshkumar46

    LCA Wage Level 1 RFE- First time H1 PETITION

    Hi Rajesh, This is my second RFE already as my first RFE was about client relationships, timesheets, payslips etc... My attorneys USCIS has said that it is very highly unlikely they would issue a third RFE... I'm already ready with my response for specialty occupation RFE.. I shall tell you how to go about it..
  5. Sureshkumar46

    LCA Wage Level 1 RFE- First time H1 PETITION

    Rajesh, are specialty occupation and wage level 1 RFE different?
  6. Sureshkumar46

    LCA Wage Level 1 RFE- First time H1 PETITION

    Hi rajesh, Can you share more details about your friend who got his approval? Any information would be really really helpful for us...
  7. @Ayaan84 Everything will go fine. No worries. I'm in the same boat. Have you filed your RFE response or is it in the process? Can you inbox me your mobile number
  8. Sureshkumar46

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    @Karn89: Have you filed through consultancy? Could you share your contact details here?
  9. Sureshkumar46

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Hi Karn, I still have no idea what my second RFE is about. My attorney is yet to receive the package as it takes 10 days to reach them. I shall update once i get to know about it. My first RFE was about employee-employer relationship, timesheets, payslips, compensation statements and also the specialty occupation where i had detailed them about my job duties and its percentage split up. May i have your contact details to discuss about this further?
  10. Sureshkumar46

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    @Karn89 Hi, I'm in the same boat as you. I have got my second RFE on October 4th after my first RFE response was filed in late september 2017. Could you shed more light on what your RFE is about?