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  1. Karn89

    Travel to India

    Hi, Thanks for your response. Appreciate that. Actually your last paragraph kind of answers my question. So I will enter US in January 2019. My Passport and I94 are valid until June 2020. So I was actually trying to ask, will there be any problem at POE if the passport expiration date is same as I94 expiration date. I heard somewhere that the passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the I94 expires. So for example in my case, my I94 expires on June 2020, hence my passport should be valid at least until Dec 2020. Can there by any problem if that's the case?
  2. Karn89

    Travel to India

    Hello All, Hope everyone in the forum is doing great! This is Karn and I have an unavoidable travel to India next weekend. My I797B and H1B stamp are valid until August 2020, however, my passport expires in June 2020. Last time when I had entered US in June 2018, the immigration officer at port of entry changed my I94 expiration date to the expiration date of my passport which is June 2020. So now my i94 expiration date is June 2020 depite having I797B valid until August 2020. My question is, can there be an issue at the port of entry (I plan to reenter US in mid January 2019) if my I94 expiration date is same as my passport expiration date? I have heard somewhere that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your planned departure date which is same as I94 expiration date. Can there be a problem in the port of entry? Please advise. Many thanks in advance and happy holidays! Karn
  3. Karn89

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Yes, sure
  4. Karn89

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    @sp2311 I was in the same phase few months back. My RFE got approved though. I have Bachelor's and Master's in Biomedical Engineering and I work as a Quality Engineer in a Medical Device Company.
  5. Karn89

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Hello guys, Apologies for being inactive since little long. My RFE has been approved. I submitted the documents listed below. Your company HR and attorney can deal with this. However, in my case, I wrote the detailed job description and its correlation with the academics, because I am the best person to know how they are relevant. Contact me on karna.archer.1@gmail.com for more information. 1) Detailed job responsiblities with % time spent on each one and how each and every duty is related to your academic coursework. 2) Profile of other candidates with same position having same degree as that of yours. 3) Job listings for the same position requiring same degree as that of yours within your company. 4) Job listings for the same position requiring same degree as that of yours from different companies within the same industry. 5) Details regarding how a candidate is being supervised for each and every job responsibility. 6) Letter from the HR stating that the candidate would be working for a particular project for a considerableI time. 7) Your paystubs, office ID, Benefits information etc to prove your Affiliation with the company. Thanks, K
  6. Mine was Sr Quality Engineer role. However, the general documentation requirement shall be the same in my opinion. Check with your attorney; he/she will touch base with you in case anything would be needed from your end. Good luck!
  7. Mine got approved. I provided the following documents: 1) Detailed description of job duties with % of time spent on each one. 2) Profile of few colleagues in the job position similar to that of mine having same degree as I have. 3) Job postings of the similar positions in the company's career site where my degree is required. 4) Job postings of the similar positions in other companies' career site where my degree is required. 5) A letter from the HR stating the details of your project. 6) Details regarding how are you being supervised for each and every job responsibility. 7) Pay stubs, Office ID and other supporting documents confirming your affiliation to the company. Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks!
  8. Karn89

    H1B stamping experience in Hyderabad

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  9. Hello all, My H1b stamping is scheduled on 16th January in Mumbai Consulate. How is the current scenario over there? Is it tough to get the H1b stamp approved? It would be a great help if someone can share their recent experience in Mumbai consulate. Thanks in advance.
  10. Karn89

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Not yet! My attorney submitted the response last week. USCIS portal changed to 'response received' on 2nd Nov. Should hear something by 20 Nov, as it has been sent for premium processing.
  11. Karn89

    Travel to India on H1B RFE

    @JoeF: I believe it's COS because I was on F1 until 30th September. So if COS is denied, then can I get a new stamp on my passport and re-enter States? Though even my F1 stamp has expired.
  12. Karn89

    Travel to India on H1B RFE

    Hello all, My H1 was picked in the lottery and I received an RFE on September first week. My attorney is yet to respond, as my documents are currently going through expert evaluation. I was on CAP-GAP which expired on 30th September. I was terminated and my HR assured me that they would be able to rehire me once my H1 is approved. Since I am no longer working, it is obvious that I lost my medical coverage and unfortunately I got a thigh injury. It is getting worse with every passing day. Frankly speaking, I cannot afford the medical bills in US at this point of time. I am planning to make a trip to India and return after getting an H1 stamp on my passport. So my question is; will it be okay to travel to India when my file is under RFE? Any comment / suggestion would be helpful. Thanks for your time.
  13. @JoeF Hi Joe, I understand your concern that these day -1 CPT universities are quite shady (honestly I am the one who declined this option), however, it seems many people are able to maintain their status by going that route. There are many who have taken admission in xxxxxxx University, xxxxxxx University etc, and got away without any hassle.
  14. Get enrolled for CPT from day1. Did you receive an RFE prior to the denial?
  15. Karn89

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    @Sureshkumar46: I am a full time employee, I am not through a consultancy.