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  1. Rasmi

    Level 1 wage RFE for cap 2018

    Wage level 1 RFE is getting cleared. Mine was in same boat. Don’t worry.
  2. Rasmi

    H1B Extension-RFE

    My Wage Level 1 RFE got cleared. I think here the key is how smartly you are replying to the RFE. All The Best to all of you
  3. Hello, In my recent visit to India, the CBP officer gave me i94 until 05-Feb-2018; because my passport is expiring on the same date. But, my petition (i-797) is valid until 07-Aug-2018. I have applied for the new passport and received the same. Now to extend my stay in the USA, either I need to go out of USA and come back again to get new i-94 till 07-Aug-2018, but this is not feasible for me. So, now the question is: Am I eligible to apply for the H1B extension or not? (Because as per my knowledge the H1B extension gets applied on or within 6 months to Current petition expiry) **And just wanted to understand whether the 6 months duration to apply extension is dependant on petition expiry or i94 expiry? Any help will be appreciated.
  4. Rasmi


    No lottery. Because once the H1B gets picked up you come in cap exempt.
  5. Rasmi

    H1B Extension-RFE

    Hello, Today, I received an RFE from USCIS stating that, I/attorney need(s) to submit; 1) A letter explaining how the Level 1 wage designation LCA that you have provided corresponds to the proffered specialty occupation position. 2) Documentation to support that the Level 1 wage designation on the LCA corresponds to the proffered position. I think my attorney made a mistake filing my case in Wage-1, they should have filed in Wage-2. Now the situation is, how to handle this RFE. I have been working for 10 years with vivid experiences. I still don't know why they filed for Wage-level-1? What options do I have now? Please respond.