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  1. Hello, I work for company A and I have valid H1-B visa stamping until Sep 1, 2020. I got an offer from company B and company B applied for my H1-B visa transfer. I got an RFE and currently it's in RFE status. Company B is going to reply RFE on November 18th. My wife is travelling to India on November 13th and will return back on January 12th. I will be also travelling to India on December 19th and will return back on January 12th. I am planning to Join company B once i return back from India. 1. Is it OK to travel out side of US when my H1-B transfer is in process and during RFE? 2. Is it OK my wife to travel to India when her H4 visa transfer is in process? 3. Is it OK if i get approval before December but i do not join company B and travel with our current Visa? 4. Will there be any impact on my current Visa and re-entry in US if me and my wife travel in any of the above cases? Thanks, GS
  2. My H1-B Visa got expired on September 1st, 2017. My company applied for H1-B extension and i got RFE. My company is responding to my RFE and it's in progress. Currently i am on Receipt number and my Driving license also got expired. So my question is, I want to travel to Tennessee next month. Is it OK if we travel Tennessee in October even if we don't receive any reply from USCIS ? or Will there be any problem if we travel with in US ? Please let me know.