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    address issue

    Thanks pontevecchio for the response. Just curious whether USCIS will look at an applicant's credit file or job history. I even had the address-A on my driver's license for a while. Should I mention that address now? (It was not mentioned on PR application) .
  2. GreenKryp

    address issue

    When I applied for my US PR, I was living at address-A, but I gave address-B (belonging to a close relative of mine) as my permanent residence and mailing address. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. The wait time for PR applications from India to be approved was extremely long and address-A was a rental, where I wasn’t planning on staying for too long. Since USCIS has a policy of not forwarding postal mail, I was afraid that I might miss out on important communication, especially related to time-sensitive information, if I moved from address-A. I did not mention address-A as one of my previous addresses in my PR application. I got my PR in 2012 and I moved to another address (address-C) afterwards. I also forgot to file the change of address form with USCIS after this move. Now, when I am about to file N-400 form for naturalization, I am confused on how to handle this address mishap. What are my choices? (a) I could come clean and mention address-A as one of the previous residence address. This would immediately throw a red flag due to the inconsistency of information given on the PR application and the N-400. I could take my chances during the interview and explain the situation to the interviewer, hoping that he will understand (reading comments from other readers about recent turn of events, I am not confident that the interviewer would buy that story, even though it is the truth). OR, (b) I could duplicate the information on PR application and hope that they won’t check previous addresses linked to my SSN or have access to my credit report. Again, if they find out that I lived at address-A and did not mention it on PR application, I would come out as having lied to USCIS (I lied with a very valid reason). In my defense, address-B is where I go every week and still receive mail related to important documents. What recourse should I take in this situation? I never had any intention of committing fraud or lying to USCIS. Your advice will be much appreciated. Thanks