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  1. sam1919

    H1B stamping India

    As a follow up question, are there any certification courses that USCIS accepts as an alternative to courses in Bachelors/Masters ?
  2. sam1919

    H1B stamping India

    Thanks you for the responses
  3. Thanks you for the recommendations
  4. sam1919

    H1B stamping India

    I did my masters in mechanical engineering in 2007 and worked here in US from 2008 Aug - 2010 August. I then visited India for a pleasure trip and went for visa stamping. I received a 221G-BLUE requesting multiple documents. After supplying all the documents, it was finally denied by the consulate and my H1B was sent back to USCIS for a revocation with a main reason that I was working as a software engineer and I neither had any software related courses in my bachelors/masters nor I had at least 3 years of work experience in the software field. I then found a job in India and started working there in the same field [software]. After three years, in 2013, I got my B1 visa stamped with the company that I was working in India. Visited to US couple of times on B1 in 2013 and 2014. Later in 2015, I went to H1B visa stamping with the same Indian company and my H1B was approved without any issue. At that time I had over 6 years of experience in IT. Visa officers didn't ask a single question about my mechanical engineering back ground or my past history [quite surprising]. In fact they took my passport and said your visa is approved. I have been in the united states from the past 3 years and now I am planning to travel to India and I would need to go for visa stamping to come back to US since the visa stamp expires. With current immigration scrutiny and trump administration I am worried about the scrutiny the Indian embassy Since I now have more than 9 years of experience in IT, should I be worried that the embassy might reject my visa with the same reason that I did my masters/bachelors in mechanical engineering ? In order to satisfy the USCIS requirements of having software related courses in either my bachelors/Masters, Can I do any certifications or any special trainings that USCIS would consider valid, rather than doing a second masters in computer science field ? Any suggestion in this regard, would be highly appreciated
  5. I have a passport that is expiring in the next 6 months. I am currently in US on a H1B- visa and I am planning to travel to India. Since my visa stamp has expired, I need to visit a consulate in India and get my H1B visa stamped to come back to US. Can I attend a visa interview with a passport that is expiring in less than 6 months ? If so, Would I get the visa stamped with validity that is valid until my I-797 validity or would it be reduced to my passport validity date ? Can I travel back to United states with passport expiring in less than 6 months ? Please suggest what is the better course of action ? Is it suggestible to renew the passport and travel to India or come back with a visa stamp and then get it renewed in US?
  6. My company is filing a green card for me. I have done my Masters in the US and also have more than 8 years of experience. But still the immigration team says they have to apply in EB3. Here are their reasons that they provided me: - The minimum requirements for my position is Bachelors + 2yrs of exp. (which is actually not true, as the position requires more than 8 years) - They say DOL takes surveys and determine the entry requirements for the positions(its not under control of me and my manager). They say Database Administrator is not considered an EB2 (Given that I already have an EB2 I140 in the same position with my previous employer) My manager is in complete favor of me, but this is all mentioned by my immigration and they also mentioned the HR decides the job description and they cannot change them. Is all the above true? Does the DOL categorizes the DBA as EB3 by default? Please help me.
  7. Hello Immigration gurus, I have an approved I 140 from an organization and can my wife, who has H1B from a different organization, get H1B extension beyond 6 years based on my approved I-140 ?