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  1. J2 valid till 6/30. New Job 9/1. Can I apply and get stamping for h1b and stay in United States from 7/1-8/30.
  2. Hi patience med ! Can u apply for h1b staying here . Are u planning to go back to home country ? . Can u open a thread or we can stay in touch on the post that I started steps after favorable recs. Lawyers are good but based on forum I see so many times they make mistakes which delays stuff and really don’t want to take any chance hardship - it’s was based in hardship
  3. Hardship and patience Med what are the next step after getting favorable recommendation. . Did u get approval letter from uscis . Please stay in touch. We can make a new thread
  4. Any one who got favorable recommendation recently how long did it take to get uscis approval letter . What are the next step towards H1 b/ green card. My wife is in j2. Can she directly get h1. Can she stay in US if her J2 expires and j1 in process . Is there a rule to start job immediately
  5. got favorable recommendation!
  6. My hardship is stuck wil dos since November . I see so many people getting approved whose was after mine. Please help whom should I contact congressmen or senator or both. My visa expires next month . I am now nervous . Thank you
  7. Did u call them Directly . Please guide ! How much time it took once u spoke to them
  8. Where did u find the fav Recs before the website
  9. Did u contact congressman or senator
  10. Mine same as before nothing changed . Dos status pending since November . 🤯🤯🤯! Don’t know looks like they trashed my file
  11. Patience Med how do I contact senator / congressmen ! Where to start and set this up. My application is stuck with dos from past 6 months .
  12. Mine pending since 11/2017
  13. Nothing ! Still pending
  14. No govt funding! No sponsor view requested
  15. Anyone has hardship apporved in 2018. I have been waiting since 11/2017 Dos is extremely silent