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  1. Thanks a lot for your inputs and for directing me to the correct link. I have couple of follow up questions though: When should I stop working on my H1b, is it as soon as I file the H1b to L2 change of status application? Or is it from the day my L2 gets approved (date on new I-94) till my EAD comes through? Can I file for the L2 EAD at the same time as I file my i-539 form? If I want to switch back to a H1b at some later date, will my application still be cap exempt or will I again fall under the cap for the year I'm applying for?
  2. Hi, I'm currently working on a H1b visa and also have an approved I-140 through my current employer. I'm however exploring the possibility of switching to an L2-EAD. I would like to know: Can I switch from H1b to L2-EAD? How easy is it to do so; what forms would I need to submit? What are the approval chances for the same? Will moving to L2-EAD from H1b affect my GC application adversely? I'm not worried about my employer withdrawing the GC application; I want to know if there are any legal issues with the same. Thanks, KC