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  1. Hi - can you please let me know when my above question will be reviewed by the moderator? It's been more than a week since I am seeing the same message which says "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator " . I will really appreciate if it can be reviewed quickly so that I can get some replies to my question. Thanks and Regards,
  2. I have been in US with work visas earlier (H1 / L1). Now I am going back to India as my project is coming to an end. My girlfriend is a US citizen and is working here in US. I want to know that in case I don't get another employer based visa soon (L1 / H1) , can I still come back to US using a K1 visa and get married here and then apply for change of status? How long does it typically take to get a K1 visa after submitting the application ? Can there be any situation under which my K1 visa might not get approved? Can my employment in India pose any restriction on getting a K1 visa? I will really appreciate some detailed responses from your end on the above questions.