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  1. Vancouver and Ottawa has great success rate. I would highly recommend you vancouver.
  2. Thanks. Daysinn is nearest and cheaper than others. But please book hotel in 3 week advance. Otherwise rates will become doubled. You can also find aparment room per night thtough airbnb. My suggestion is atlesat book room for 3 days. Thanks
  3. No. I did not see any one get 221g during my stay / interview time slot ( around 1 hour 30). There are 3 person before me and 2 person after me standing in line for h1 b visa stamping. All got their visa approved. Interview time was hardly 5 minutes. VO did not ask from me any document except passport and I797.
  4. Canada Port of Entry Question officer: why you are here? Answer : for H1 B Visa interview and stamping officer: when is your interview? Answer : Tomorrow (Monday ) morning. officer: your interview is tomorrow but you have mentioned in form duration of stay 7 days. why? Answer : expected visa processing time is 4 days but it may be go more then expected. it all depends upon visa processing time after interview. As soon as I get my visa from US embassy, I shall be back to US. US Visa Interview My appointment was at 7.45 pm. here are question asked by Visa Officer. VO: Good morning. ME: Good morning. VO: Give me your passport and I79. ME: Handed over. VO: Is this your renewal? ME : Yes. VO: What do you do in US? ME : I am working as XXXX in XXXX company. VO: This is employee rights document please read this. ME : OK. VO: What is your education? ME : BS in XXXXX VO: how many years of experience you have in this field? ME : XXXX YEARS. VO: have you seen this rights document before ME: NO. VO: Please read this. ME: Ok. VO: your visa is approved and you will get your passport 3-5 business days and this is paper ( Green paper) has all the details of how of passport tracking. ME: Thanks !!! 25th September : After interview status was showing Administrative processing. 26th September at 11 am status changed to Issued. 26th September at 11:30 AM, received email form US consulate that your documents are ready for shipping and this is your tracking number. 26th September 3:15 pm, received email form Canada post that they have picked up documents from US Consulate. 27th September : 9:15 received email from Canada post that documents have been reached in post office and ready for pickup. 27th September 11:15 pm picked up passport form Canada post. US Port of Entry Question Officer: Are you on H1 B? ME : YES. Officer: what do you do ? ME : I am working as XXXX in XXXX company. Officer: how long you have been in Canada. ? ME: 4 days Officer: Where is your old Visa? ME : that is on my old passport. Officer: show me your old passport? ME : handed over old passport.
  5. samvisa

    Toronto - Visa Approved

    if you have US driving license then you are good to travel within canada without passport.
  6. samvisa

    Visa stamping passport expiring in 6 months

    it is better to renew your passport first and then apply for h1 b visa stamping.
  7. samvisa

    Visa Approved - Vancouver, CN

    Hi Srikant06. Many Congratulation on getting visa approved. Can you please provide some details what documents Consular asked form you. My visa is scheduled on 25th septemeber in Vancouver. Thanks