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  1. Venkat1988

    H4 Visa Query !!!

    My wife is currently in India. She is intending to travel to USA by first week of July, 2018. 1. My wife has a H4 visa with previous employer which is valid till 30th Sept 2018. 2. I have moved on to a new employer I have the H1B approved till July 2019. Following is my question: 1. Does my wife need a stamping to be done now before she travel. Since the current stamp has not expired I am skeptical abt it. 2. Once enters till when would the new I-94 be valid. If its valid till Sept 30, 2018 then she may have to leave this country again. Following are the question in my mind. Please help me as earliest as possible.
  2. Venkat1988

    Urgent Help Needed

    Hello All, My wife is willingly to travel from India to USA on Tuesday. But I have a problem with one immigration issue. I lost my previous job on June 29th 2017. My wife's H4 visa is stamped thru that company. She had to travel to India at that time due to family emergency. Within 60 days a new company filed my H1B. We are expecting a baby and currently she is 31 weeks pregnant. I haven't got the receipt of application for my new H1B application. Is my wife allowed to enter the USA with the H4 that she has, will there be any issues for her. Please let me know ASAP.