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  1. AmarImmi

    Oath ceremony letter not coming

    Have you reached out to USCIS ombudsman? Also From what I understand the Oath ceremony letter, they provide you 3 weeks buffer before the actual date of the ceremony. You can also seek a law firm and give them authorization to your case. They will be contacted in your absence and can make a decision based on your input. This might cost few hundred dollars but every circumstance is different.
  2. AmarImmi

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    Thank you. We had a little baby ready to go home after the ceremony. BUT we took some time right there and Registered to Vot
  3. AmarImmi

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    Apologies..for the delayed response. We flew Overseas in Nov-Dec '17 for Family reasons. My Wife received a call from USCIS when we were out of the country . We could not take the call at that time and there was NO Voice Mail. They send out a Letter asking for Photos for her (since its a name change) We knew at that point in time our Case Was Approved for Naturalization. Once we returned from overseas, we meet the immigration officer of my wife(the nice guy) and provided the photos required for Name Change. We Enquired with him about the reason for the delay and he had NO answer. We did not Press him too much on why they delayed our case for such a blatant reason (since he had no issues ). Our Oath Ceremony has completed as well. But the whole experience has left me baffled and question their motives. My Suggestion would be , prepare yourself for all these curveballs and take nothing for granted. Good Luck all !!!
  4. AmarImmi

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    Had a Phone Consultation with Murthy Law Firm. The lawyer was in agreement that i was well within the bounds of AC21 and was surprised the immigration officer was blatantly off the mark. Might have to file an addendum to the application now. Also reached out to Ombudsman with no luck since it is within the time frame (60-90 days review).
  5. AmarImmi

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    I have reached out today to Murthy law-firm for consultation. The immigration officer seems to be experienced but surprisingly hostile. He Hardly had a smile. Got a sense they are doing me a huge favor to grant me citizenship. He Wanted to know how much salary i make today compared to 8-10 Years back. Lots of questions about 8-9 years back on the reasons why i changed a company. I was patient and courteous through out the interview. I was definitely not prepared for such grilling.
  6. AmarImmi

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    Thank you, both for the input. Will consult a lawyer.
  7. AmarImmi

    N400 I-Strange Interview

    The person interviewed did not seem to be an Intern but ...very hostile. It has been close to 30 days since the interview completed. The response from USCIS has been it takes 60-90 days for review. Should i hire an attorney at this point?
  8. Strange Question from N-400 Interview Hello , I did go for my N-400 Interview and the officer was reviewing my documents for G.C. He saw that i changed my job once while my GC was in progress. He mentioned that my original employer withdrew I140 after i changed my job and the new employer did not file a new Labor and new I-140 even though i received GC. I mentioned to him that my law firm filed AC21 Portability and other docs to support that. He still was not convinced with the GC process and wanted more time and my case might go for supervisor review. Is anything wrong with my GC Process? I obviously moved to a new job more than 4 Years after filing I140 and 3 years after approval I140. If my previous employer withdraws I140, Should my new employer file again? Below is my Green Card Path. I140/I485 Filling- Sept 2005 Company Change - Oct 2009 RFE received from USCIS - Dec 2009 AC21 Filed with New Employer -Dec 2009 Green Card Approved - July 2010 N400 Apply in - March 2017