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  1. This is from a friend:- I have been caught up in a false police complaint in India and till date I have not gone to participate in the investigation, despite many summons. I recently came to know that the Indian government has issued warrants of arrest on my name and Immigration authorities are on look out for me; so I would be arrested the moment I land in India. I want to understand if my Indian passport is impounded/cancelled, would I be denied Visa extension ? If USCIS is informed of my cancelled passport, can they suspend my H1-B visa?
  2. Tulika123

    Travel information on CBP website

    Anyone please kindly respond to the query
  3. Tulika123

    Travel information on CBP website

    Hi, Is the travel information (entry and exit) updated real time on the CBP WEBSITE? My friend has been falsely accused of some dowry related cases by his wife in India due to which he is in a fix. He wants to file a divorce in India for which he needs to be present for filing the application in court. For that reason, he wants to travel to india for a day or 2 and return immediately. He is afraid that his wife may be monitoring his travel details online and may trap him( get him arrested etc) if she came to know of his visit. Is there any way by which he can request the info not be updated on CBP website until he is back to USA ?
  4. Well i went through the security check and scrutiny of my hand bag and the officers let me be with my jewellery, so apparently whatever the limit is/was, i hopefully was under it
  5. Is there anyway that I can declare them now? They're in USA now. What documents or information would I need to furnish while declaring them?
  6. The jewellery wasn't bought in USA , it was bought in India long back and had been used for my personal use since then. does it change anything?
  7. Hi, I owned some jewelry before leaving USA for a vacation to India. I took them along with me and brought the same back while coming back in the USA. I didn't declare them at the customs and although I went through the red channel, I was never asked about the jewellery I was carrying in my purse. It was worth over $20k. Is there anything I need to do to avoid any consequences? Can someone report this?