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    H1B Not Subject to CAp

    Hi , My wife was working through H1B and got her Visa Denied and was transitioned by her organization to India . They are working on initiating H1B Subject to Non Cap petition. But we have delays in that processing and i had to bring my wife to US. Can you please help with below questions a) I have US marriage certificate and would need to know if that suffice to bring my wife through H4 visa. I had social marriage in India but on a different year and date . Do we want to show India marriage proof as well such as invitation as it wont match with US marriage certificate. b) Once my wife get her H4 approved , what does it mean to her H1 Visa. Will she lose status of H1 and if we need to reinitiate H1 post her travel to US , do we need to follow the lottery process again.
  2. ramuklithnes84


    Hi evecchio Yes I got my perm approved within 2 months since it is filed perm filed : apr 14 2017 perm approval jun 15 2018 i140 filing July 30 2017 i140 approval aug 20 2017 Regards Senthil G thanks Senthil G
  3. ramuklithnes84


    Priority date is mentioned as apr 4 2014 instead of apr 4 2017
  4. Hi , I have my I140 approved on Aug 2017. My attorney has found an typographical error in i140 document on Nov 2018 and raised an SR to correct my priority date in i140 document. USCIS has received this request and mentioned that it is assigned to an office and a response is sent to my attorney and closed the case. But as per attorney there is no update from USCIS. a) Can I switch employers knowing the fact it is a typographical error? b) Do I deserve the right to question attorney on why this went wrong on the first go? c) Will it impact my stay in US as there is a typo error and I have already have an extension approved with that incorrect I140 document. d) In general how long this takes for USCIS to correct this error? Regards, Senthil G
  5. ramuklithnes84


    We have filed Premium processing for i140 and case has been sent to Texas Service center on Aug 10 I constantly checked the site and final update was Your case is processed at Texas Service center. it has been 9 days and today i got a mail from my attorney asking for Pay stubs ,but he didnt clarify whether i got an RFE. As i checked in USCIS state , no update as well i contacted their automated telephonic and latest update is Case received. I am confused on whether i got an RFE . IS there a possibility that site has not been updated but attorney is informed on RFE details.