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  1. bkrishn Thanks. Yes that is what I figured out that he is eligible for dropbox and apparently appointments are not available. Also is it possible for someone else to go attend the dropbox appointment with all the documents or does the person themselves need to go ? I have seen few posts mention that it is possible but just wanted to find out . Thanks.
  2. Hi, My Dad's passport and visa for 10 years expired in May 2020. My mom passed away in August 2020 and he got his new passport recently. To come back to the US he needs to get a new B2 visa. Since his visa has already expired and considering the pandemic situation is he eligible for renewal through dropbox ?
  3. I am a naturalized US Citizen and had filed I-130 and I-485 for my parents last fall (Nov 7th 2017). My parents had to leave to India on Nov 25th 2017 due to a family member being critically ill. We received biometric appointment notice some time in Dec 2017 and I had requested to postpone it to Feb 2018. I received the new biometric appointment notices for March 2018. In the mean time the family member passed away and my parents couldn't make it back in time. So I had requested to postpone the finger printing to April 2018. But I haven't received any notice back from USCIS about rescheduling the appointment. In the mean time their advance parole got approved till Jan 2019. I do not see any activity on their I-130 or I-485 petition since Nov 2018. These are my questions. 1. Can my parents get back to into the USA using the AP which is valid till Jan 2019 ? Will they face any difficulty at port of entry? They also have B1/B2 visa valid through 2020 2. Is it better to switch to consular processing ? We have spent quite a bit of money getting their 693 and can this be used for consular processing? Does Chennai offer Consular Processing? Thanks in advance for your guidance.