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  1. Chanti001

    L1A Visa and Status

    Your petition is ending NOV, 2018. you might need to file an extension or file a new petition. Going out and restamp does't work as your current will end by NOV,2018. you need active petition dates to work. ( though you have valid I-94 you can stay but can't work after NOV 2018). This is from my experience
  2. Chanti001

    L1A Visa and Status

    Petition end date takes precedence , what is PED value on your VISA?
  3. My company responded to RFE on 7/2/2018. Any rough idea/estimation on time taken to get a decision ?
  4. Yes, VISA stamping would be needed your case as we are past MARCH 2018. Approved latest VISA is needed at POE. Out of curiosity, did you get RFE before approval?
  5. Chanti001

    L1A Blanket Visa & I94 validatity

    It was opposite my case . My ORG told me that I would be LOP if don't file extension before petition end date, even though I had valid I-94 till 2020. I could't post the links in this reply , please search google for "l1 petition expiration date vs i94 date" and pass that your ORG and see how it works.
  6. Chanti001

    H1B visa person paying for trip

    Even you can justify that you are paying for the trip , but later could reimburse from employer., marked as self as ticket payment is done self during booking. Not sure if this works , but only if this question pops during interview . NOTE: just an opinion
  7. Chanti001

    L1A Blanket Visa & I94 validatity

    I think it is USCIS rule, search google for this text "l1 petition expiration date vs i94 date" and you can find the links.
  8. Chanti001

    L1A Blanket Visa & I94 validatity

    My organization did the similar mistake of ignoring Petition expiry as I have I-94 validity for next two years. But by the time they realized it was late and I had to file extension just before a week of my petition expiry date.
  9. Chanti001

    L1A Blanket Visa & I94 validatity

    Means, you have file for extension before NOV 2018 ( i.e. expiry date of current Visa) . If you have to travel outside US after NOV 2018 , then you have to go for Visa stamping with extension approval notice. Based on I-94 you can stay in US but cannot continue to after petition expiry date on the same visa, unless extension is filed.
  10. Chanti001

    L1B Extension denied

    I am also in same boat. Got an RFE for my L1B extension and am yet to respond to it. Any information on why denial happened could help
  11. Chanti001

    L1A Blanket Visa & I94 validatity

    I remember reading online that for L blanket , petition end date is considered as expiry even though I-94 expiry date is later date, to work in US.
  12. Chanti001

    L1B Extension - RFE - approval changes

    Right, I have to provide the information requested in RFE. I am more like looking for information on trend of approval chances for L1B extension approvals
  13. I have received RFE for my L1B extension and yet to receive the details through mail. Any idea on approval rates after RFE ? Are there precautions or approach to follow while replying to RFE?
  14. Chanti001

    L1B expiring in Jan 2018, New L1B interview in Mexico City

    My PED ends by Dec 2017, so am not going for new L1-B. I have applied for extension
  15. Chanti001

    L1B - PED vs !-94

    How about Petition End Date on I-129s expiry date ? Does that over ride I-94 date ?