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  1. Hi, My H1b got approved and the last name happens to be misspelled. Actually my Indian passport has that misspelling that i got corrected in the same month the passport was made which was in 2008. The correction was duly made on 2nd page of passport. It looks like while applying my H1b my company HR overlooked it although I am not sure, and I received my H1B approval with the incorrect last name. I have also received RFE( asking documents like position description and skills required to perform the job etc), while I am in the process of preparing response for RFE, I am not sure what exactly is the process to get the name corrected along with the RFE response. Am I required to send response for RFE and then get the name corrected or can they be done concurrently. If yes is there any correction petition that needs to be filed for the name correction. Please guide me.