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  1. Krishna221989

    H1 maxout

    I am on H1 with 6 years maxout on 6/15/2020. My employer filed I140 petition on 3/20/2020 in normal processing(the intention was to be in premium processing but it was suspended). It is highly unlikely that i get I140 on time. with the update from USICS mentioning that they will allow extensions(not sure what it was) , will they allow for my H1 extension beyond 6 years without I140?
  2. Krishna221989

    H1 to L2 Conversion Question

    I am on H1 with 6 years maxout on 6/15/2020. My employer filed I140 petition on 3/20/2020 in normal processing(the intention was to be in premium processing but it was suspended).My wife has a L1 which is valid until Apr2021.what are my options now?1.Can i file for L2 and stay in the US with receipt notice? How long/until when should i be able to work on H1 in this case?2.If USICS allows premium processing’s on I140, it may take up 2 months for me to get back on H1.What happens if i get my H1 in Aug 2020 and my L2 is still not approved yet? what happens to the stay between 6/15/2020 to Aug 2020?
  3. Krishna221989

    H1B Extension Processing Time

    @sathi1985 : Nope..its under normal processing. RFE was asking for a letter from BRM( business relationship manager-employer) with the format given by them.
  4. Vermont Processing Center 14-Aug-2017:H1B extension filed 24-Jan-2018:REF received 26-Mar-2018:REF response filed 06-Apr-2018:Extension Approved Hope these timelines help people who are waiting for approvals
  5. Krishna221989

    H1B April 2017 case pending with Vermont Service center

    You should have got a response by now under normal processing. Mine and my colleagues H1 extensions are filed on 14-Aug-2017 and 21-Aug-2017 respectively and we got responses on 24-Jan-2018 and 1-Feb-2018. The cases were with Vermont center. You should opt for premium and see.
  6. Did you get a response from Vermont center? Case status?
  7. Krishna221989

    CBP issued I-94 expired but I-94 on I-797 still valid

    I was under the impression that with valid stamped visa and approved petition, i could stay
  8. Hi All! Please find below details about my visa/petition/i94. 1. When I first entered the United States in May 2014, I was given a valid i94 until May 31, 2016 (same as visa validity date).2. Then I went to India in Dec 2014 with a valid visa and i94. Upon returning, I was given i94 until June 10, 2016.3. I then moved to the current project in May 2015 for which a petition amendment was applied. It was approved and I had received I-797 until Dec 31, 2017.4. In Nov 2015, I traveled to India (when my visa and initial i94 were still valid) and upon returning to the United States, was given i94 until June 10, 2016 again; which was valid at time. So, I had a valid CBP issue i94 and i797 associated i94 then.5. I still have a valid I-797 for my current project with i94 having validity until Dec 31, 2017. Now a huge issue is that it is time for extension but our company attorneys are reluctant to take my case forward because my CBP issued i94 has expired. All this while I was under the impression that since i797 still has a valid i94 associated with it (in my case Dec 31, 2017), I can file for extension and continue to work. However, my understanding was totally wrong. I am apparently living here "Out of Status" and do not know what to do. I have read many posts wherein people have been lucky when they have visited the CBP Deferred Inspection Site to get their i94 corrected; others have got Nunc Pro Tunc extension filed by their company Attorneys. What options all do I have? Can I take the risk of going to the CBP Deferred Inspection Site and speak to an officer for correction all by myself; or should I be represented by an attorney? Also, on what basis do attorneys decide whether to file to NPT extension or not? Is going to India and coming back with a stamped visa a safe option? Thanks a lot for your responses in advance. Waiting in anticipation!