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  1. On what basis do you plan to apply? Which country are you from? You have to be a US citizen before you can sponsor your parents. You don't even have a GC at this point.
  2. copco

    I-797B Lost and travel

    Yep. Like I said I've gone to Mexico/Canada and reentered the country 3 times since January. I've always kept my I-797B with me but no one ever asked for it. Now my attorney is giving me a certified copy so I am more convinced it will do.
  3. copco

    I-797B Lost and travel

    My attorney informed me today I can travel with a copy of it.
  4. copco

    I-797B Lost and travel

    Hello, I have got my first H-1B stamped on December 2017. I have used it to enter the country 3 times since. However I seem to have lost my I-797B. Is it okay to travel with a photocopy of the form?
  5. copco

    After 6 years of H1B

    You have to be outside the country for 1 year when they file a new H1. This means you have to leave before April 1st 2018 and not come back in any status if you want to be eligible for the April 2019 lottery. Sucks but that's the rule.
  6. copco

    Can the company file my H1visa even before I graduate

    Yes you can apply for H1B before you graduate assuming you have a bachelor's degree. If you have earned a masters degree en-route to your PhD you will also be eligible for the Masters cap. If not, you will have to apply for the regular cap of 65000 visas.
  7. What you did is abuse the CPT system to get around the fact that your OPT expired and you didn't get picked in the lottery. This was always a grey area. Many people admittedly used this method like you did and got away with it. It seems this administration is cracking down on it this year. Sucks but there isn't much you can do now.
  8. copco

    H1B Cap

    You will have to go through the lottery since you do not have a valid I-140. You will also have to have been outside the US for 1 full year before you can file a new H1 petition.
  9. copco

    Beneficiary's degree - Specialty occupation RFE

    Is this a new H1B or extension/transfer? This year they have been going hard on cases where the degree doesn't match the job description. Your lawyer should find a way to reply. If your degree did not have courses directly connected to your job description, you need to have 12 years of experience in that field to qualify.
  10. He hasn't been counted in this year's cap so he will have to go through lottery again.
  11. Wouldn't OP's B2 application be rejected since he has already shown immigrant intent?
  12. copco

    H1B Transfer Question

    Yes you can. H-1B transfer is actually a misnomer. What actually happens is Companies B and C file a new cap exempt H-1B petition for you using your approved petition from Company A. The 2 petitions will be independent of each other.
  13. 1) Yes 2) Yes. Remember what we normally call a 'visa transfer' is actually just a fresh cap exempt visa petition. 3) No 4) No
  14. copco

    H1B RFE for level 1 wage

    There are many in the same boat. In fact that boat is more like big ship now. If you search this forum you will find many discussions about your situation and how to respond.
  15. copco

    H1B Non technical background

    I don't quite understand. How did you get an H1B without a job? Are you looking for a new job?