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  1. I have an electrical engg degree and my nature of work is systems engineering (electrical/embedded) but my company applied for perm as mechanical engineer (attorney/hr didn't put job duties properly during pwd, hence dol assigned mech engr SOC). If I go ahead to apply for I-140 with this perm, will it be any problem for any future job changes? Do I have to look out only for mech engr jobs or related duties only? (I have extensive software development experience in embedded and automotive infotainment domains and systems engg experience in infotainment and electrical systems. I'm no way connected with "mechanical".) I have just over an year left on H1-B max out time as of today. Will there be any problem if I need to switch job later with Mech Engr PERM?
  2. Both companies are not sharing the RFE info with me.
  3. I joined Company A on receipt notice (H1B transfer regular processsing). When it's converted to premium, it got RFE. While the Company A is preparing response for RFE, I applied for Company B who filed H1B transfer in premium (since I'm having valid I-94 date). Now, Company B also got RFE. And Company A also responded to its RFE as of today. What are my chances of approval and options aftermath? I still have I-94 validity until JAN2020.
  4. My employer applied I-539 for dependents early this year when the biometric rule wasn't introduced then. It is still pending decision while my H-1B transfer got RFE when it's converted to premium recently. My employer is in the process of responding as of today. As a backup plan, I have secured another job with a new employer who is ready to transfer my H-1B since I have I-94 validity. However, I didn't mention about RFE with the new employer. The new employer is also filing I-539 for dependents now. Will that be any problem? What would be the options here? Thank you!
  5. GKB

    PERM SOC Code

    I'm working as a Systems Engineer and I have both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. My nature of work is Electrical Systems Engineering. And my past work experience is Embedded Software Development and Systems Engineering only. My employer has filed PERM with SOC as "Mechanical Engineers". Will it be a problem? Also, in future if I change employer after I-140 approval, will it be a problem? Do I need to look out for only those jobs with Mechanical SOC? Can I-140 be ported without any issues to new employer in the future if the new employer SOC will be different?
  6. Will it be Ok if nobody applied to the posted jobs as part of GC PERM recruitment Ads? Can the employer still go ahead and file PERM with DOL?
  7. I joined company B from company A on H1B receipt notice. The company A revoked my H1B petition. [I assume that I-94 date (2020 March) also becomes invalid in this case. I believe that the 60-day grace period is also over.] Now, I got an offer from company C. What are my options/risks if company C files H1B transfer in premium/normal mode?
  8. Recently my previous employer revoked my I-129 petition. However, I have a valid (until 3/5/2020), approved I-797 petition with my current employer. And my previous employer had filed I-539 for my dependents that has validity until 9/15/2019. When I moved to the new employer, we did not file I-539 for dependents. Now that my previous employer revoked the I-129 petition, will it impact my dependents? Do I need to file a fresh I-539 for my dependents? We have a travel plan to India by the end of this year and our H-1B visa has expired recently. Can you please suggest. Thanks.