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  1. I moved to US on L2 Visa and starting working with EAD. However my employer applied H1B and i moved to H1B in Oct 2017. I want to know if i can use my L2 EAD for switching job and put hold H1 visa(or forego). (I am not sure if my L2 EAD is considered valid since I moved to H1B, though my L2 EAD card has expiry of Oct 2018).
  2. spsc

    H1 B to L2 change

    Hi -- I came to US in 2016 on L2 with validity till Apr 2019. However i joined job here and my employer processed H1B in 2017 and I'm on H1B with validity till May 2020, my employer did I9 verification as well. My question: if i leave my job, can i by default come to L2 or do i need to initiate any other process to come on L2. Also, is there a need to reapply my EAD under L2 if i leave my current Job (attached to H1B)
  3. With L1A-blanket, multiple entry visa, is there a limitation on travel outside US for personal/ official purpose? Any suggestion? Is there any specific documentation i need to carry apart form original I-129S and blanket I-797.
  4. I have received I-129, and my visa status will change to after Oct,1. I have a question for you. It will be very kind of you if you can help me on this as I am confused. I was planning to travel to India in first week of December. Currently I am on L2 visa. Will I need H1 stamping on my visa while coming back to US? I am only going there to stay for a week and will have limited time to visit Visa office. Can I travel to and fro on my L2 visa and not on H1?
  5. spsc

    Visitor Visa - Re entry

    My mother visited US for the first time on B2 visa and stayed in US for close to 6 months. Now I want her to be back again in 3 months to for 5-6 months. My question, do you see any issue on her re-entry, though she holds 10 years visitor visa.