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  1. Thank you. He wants to come to US to study only in next year i.e in September 2020. So he will be applying for F1 next year. And yes, he is looking at reputed Universities (University of Michigan, USC etc). Since a holiday was planned this year, we applied for a B2.
  2. It is unfortunate that CO's are not trained well to identify genuine vs deceptive applicants. What part of his answers did you find memorized? Apart from memorizing the facts (graduation date, University name) everything else are true facts he stated.
  3. You are right graduate walk is not an Indian concept. Since it's novel to us, people back home want to witness that. The first interview my parents and brother went as a family. He was only asked where are you working and other questions directed at my parents.their visa accepted and his denied. You may be right regarding his employer, he does work for a top IT firm. How can a 24year old establish ties? He is not married, he recently started working so has a decent bank balance but not 50000$+, he of course cannot afford a property! And these are the conditions mentioned to establish ties. Frankly we did not consent any visa attorney or 'touts' for this interview. Our belief was his interests to visit US are genuine and he answered truthfully, so that should be fine! Of course we were proved wrong.what "key words" he spoke do you think raised a red flag?
  4. Thank you. Our whole family will be here and we have planned for 15day long vacation in the US. It will be just him missing out on the trip. That's why the desperation! he being a young unmarried engineer in the workforce since just 3 years, we are failing to understand what can be done to establish strong ties to home country. Would more funds in his account or a letter from US senator help?
  5. My brother has been rejected a B2 visa twice with 214 (b) form. he plans to come to US for Masters in Fall 2020. will these rejections affect his F1- student visa processing? Should we refrain from applying again for a B2 visa to improve chances of his F1?
  6. B2 Visa has been rejected for my brother second time. The first attempt was 2 years ago with my parents. Parents accepted and his visa was denied. Questions asked to him: where do you work? The visa interview this time was as follows: VO: What is the purpose of your visit? Bro: Sister is graduating from XXX university (a reputed university) next month. I want to attend it. My parents are attending, I want to go with them VO: Ohh..so your parents are going and you want to go with them? Bro: yes VO: is it a MS degree? Bro: Yes, she has done her MS in XXX. Do you want me to show the graduation invite? VO: no need. VO: Who is financing? Bro: I will be taking care of air ticktets and after going there my dad and sister will contribute. VO: What do your parents do? Bro: Mom is home maker and Dad is retired from a private company. VO: What kind? Bro: Steel manufacturing company VO: What do you do? How much do you earn per year and how long have you been working? Bro: test engg analyst at XX (software firm) and working since 3.5 years. VO: Sorry sir,visa cant be approved at this time and gave 214 (B) form. What do you think went wrong with the interview? Are there any chances of getting visa if he applies within 2 months.
  7. Sj15

    Visa stamping after COS from F2 to F1

    I had filed in March at California service centre. It took 4months+1week for my case to be approved. Keep checking the processing times on the USCIS website. That will give you a fair idea on how long it might take for your case to be approved. Good luck!
  8. Sj15

    Visa stamping after COS from F2 to F1

    I had filed in March at California service centre. It took 4months+1week for my case to be approved. If your wife could talk to her international office. She could start part time and then convert to full time as soon as her visa gets approved. Good luck!
  9. I recently changed my status from F2 to F1 and my program starts in Fall 2017. I have few queries regarding F1 visa stamping: 1. When is the best time to go for stamping (to increase the likelihood of visa approval)? Beginning of program, after a year or towards the end? 2. My husband recently got his H1-B approved. Would this affect my F1 visa stamping? 3. Is visa stamping on passport necessary to start CPT or OPT? Can i start my Cpt or OPT with just the change of status? Thanking you in advance.
  10. Sj15

    Change of Status: F2 to F1

    My case got approved today. Keep checking the processing time on the USCIS website. You will get a fair idea on how long for your case to be processed. Mine took 4months+1week to be processed.
  11. Ok! That's not good to hear! But I believe there should be a way! When his intent is just tourism, it shouldn't be that difficult! Just want to know the better process for it. Any other suggestions?
  12. My parents and brother attended the visa interview for tourist visa together. My parents visa was approved while my brother's got rejected. He was given form 214(b) (not enough ties with home country). My father is sponsoring for the entire trip for all of them. The interview was very straightforward for my parents. They were asked about occupation and which part of US they would be visiting. Same for my brother where does he work and salary. After this, typed for long on the computer and kept my parents passports and returned my brother's along with form 214(b). He works for Accenture and his salary (~30k). It's just 1 year since he graduated and started working. 1. What are the possible causes for visa rejection? 2. When he re-applies what other documents would he need to carry apart from regular ones. 3. No financial/property documents in his name. Can he carry the same in my father's name? Again stating father is sponsoring for the trip. 4. One of my cousin is graduating. Can he apply for a visa stating attending graduation ceremony. Visa for these are easier to get is what i have seen. Is it risky? Since previous tourist visa (intent to visit sister and travel US) was rejected and now he is applying with a different intent (graduation of a cousin). Thanking you in advance for your inputs.
  13. I have applied for change of status from F2 to F1 in March and there is no change in my status yet! My college starts on September 7th. I have the following concerns: 1. Currently they are processing cases as of March 17 ( hasn't changed since 2 months). my case was received on March 22. In your opinion, By September 7 would my case be processed? 2. My husband's H1 got picked this year(in May 2017, after my COS case was received). Would this create an issue in approving my change of status to F1?? 3.So, if my status does not change and I go to india for applying F1 visa, what are the chances of getting a F1 visa? This is for University of Michigan 4. Now that my husband's status has changed to H1. Will my visa status automatically change to H4? If not, can i get a H4 visa stamped in india without my husband getting his H1 stamped? Thanking you in advance for answering my queries.