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  1. que sera sera

    LCA has Programmer Analyst Title

    Hi, I got my H1B approved in 2017 where the LCA filed has wage level 1 (57k) and Title as Programmer Analyst. I'm with the same employer and client since then but my current pay is about 30k more than what's mentioned in 2017 LCA. Below are my concern's. Please let me know if you are aware/been in in situation before 1)Should I file a New LCA and H1B amendment for the same location but for a different Job title and pay? (As pay is more) 2) I'm panning to visit India. In this case should my client and vendor letters mention the title as Programmer Analyst which is in LCA (My employer said that It's not a valid Job title from 2018) Please respond. Thanks in Advance
  2. que sera sera

    LCA Wage Level 1 RFE- First time H1 PETITION

    My case was approved today. Status was not updated online but attorney got notice. Thanks everyone. I still can’t belive that my rfe was cleared :)
  3. que sera sera

    LCA Wage Level 1 RFE- First time H1 PETITION

    Thanks for the response. Are there any cases where you have seen an approval after getting this RFE. I'm really worried as many were saying getting approval after received this kind of RFE is tough.
  4. Got an RFE on Labor Condition Application. It says that my work doesn't seem to be an entry level position despite the wage classification selected in the LCA. Asking for Letter explaining how this wage level is related to the specialty occupation selected Documentation to support that the level 1 wage designated in the LCA corresponds to that position In my LCA Job title: Programmer Analyst SOC Code: 15-1121 SOC Occupation Title: Computer systems Analyst. My Employer is saying that as of now they don't know how to respond to this query. Many of friends are saying that it's tough to get the approval if one get's this RFE. Any views on this. Do you know any one who got this kind of RFE and got approval.