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  1. Hi pontevecchio, Thank you for replying. This Hospital is in Boston, MA.
  2. Hello, I have the following question related to H1B Transfer. I am currently employed with Employer A on H1B visa. I have accepted an offer from a Non-Profit Children's Hospital (Employer B). (They also work on govt healthcare legislation policies. Relevant info.) Employer B is asking me to start working on the basis of a FedEx receipt notice, and without the USCIS receipt no. They are saying that they have direct contact numbers inside USCIS. (They support and work with federal and state legislation for healthcare issues) 1. Is it legal to resign from current job and start working for new employer without USCIS receipt no. (and just with FedEx receipt notice), in any given situation? 2. Will I be out of H1B status if I resign from current job and start working at Employer B without USCIS receipt no.? (only on the basis of FedEx receipt) 3. Does US Govt affiliated Hospitals have some special privilege inside USCIS? Is this a possibility? Please help!! I want to move to the employer B quickly. But I am currently employed with a stable H1B status with my current employer. I don’t want to be out of my H1B status or violate USCIS rules and regulations in any situation.