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  1. Chai

    H1B to F1 to H1B

    Yes you can get H1B stamp however, H1B status and counting in the cap would only start when you draw your first pay check. Entering the US on H1B and transferring to F1 without working would NOT count towards cap.
  2. Chai

    H1B Transfer Time

    This is not new. I was in the same boat last year and had to opt for Premium after 6 months.
  3. Chai

    DS-160 - Stamping

    Considering you are scheduling visa in 2019, using petition number which, is valid till 2022 is advisable. In either case, drop off OR personal interview submit both petitions. Let the consulate decide the visa validity period.
  4. Chai

    H1B Premium and Canada

    Upgrading to PP is recommended. Nebraska center is issuing receipt number after 10 days even though it is premium processing. I am not able to fathom why there is such paranoia regarding denial if upgraded to PP?
  5. There is no need. You should be fine.
  6. Chai

    Terminated on H1B

    Paystubs within last 45 days are fine. They don’t necessarily include the pay period ending past week preceding application received date.
  7. Chai

    Terminated on H1B

    1. USCIS only cares if they have received new H1-B petition within 60 days. 2. No trouble. It takes USCIS 6-8 weeks to act upon the request of H1B revocation after the request is submitted. 3. No. You have to leave the US, unfortunately. 4. Not much options are left as far as employment is concerned. 5. 60- day rule is applicable for each approval validity period. Does not matter if it is 1 year or 3 validity period.
  8. The stamped visa is gone. You cannot travel on that visa. If the new visa is granted; most likely it would be from the date of your interview, so you should be ok.
  9. The vendor would say million times that this is under FL jurisdiction and hence, you are liable to pay. This is what they do because had it be in CA jurisdiction; he cannot do much. You can ignore his emails or if he calls record it. Just pretend that nothing has happened and you are cool with it.
  10. Chai

    work remotely for US client

    This is common and should not be an issue. I've seen people working from India with the US client more than a year because their visa is under the administrative process at the consulate.
  11. Fact #1: D/S means the duration of stay to complete studies as long as one remain in FT student. It does not mean to stay as long as one wish. Fact #2: Attorney clearly stated that it is a Councilor Processing i.e. visa to be issue abroad PRIOR to start working. Someone must have misguided her to start working without obtaining a visa. Unfortunate. She must stop working now. Solution: This is a time-sensitive issue with the potential labelling of unauthorized work as well as stay. MUST consult a good attorney.
  12. Assuming you have had an employment during OPT: 1. Your H1 has already started. There is no going back to CPT now. "Day 1 CPT= Call Perfect Trouble". 2. You can start on receipt number. You have used X and Y so many times, it's hard to understand who is your current employer? Please don't say Z:) 3. The grace period of 60 days is upon termination of employment, only if, your I-94 is valid >60 days. The grace period of 10 days listed on I-797 is period of authorized stay and NOT the period of authorized work. You cannot work beyond I-797 validity unless the H1-B extension is in process.
  13. USCIS only cares if new I-129 has been received by the office within this 60- day grace period.
  14. Chai

    About validity of H1B

    1. Not possible. You are required to have an interview outside the US. 2. Your H1-B shall expire on the date listed on I-797. You can continue working beyond that date if the employer applies for an extension. 3. Total of 3+3 years of official work AND residence in the US. You can capture unused days (if any) as a 7th-year extension. 4. Same as 3.
  15. CPT after 1 or more semester= Curricular Practical Training. CPT on day 1= Call Potential Trouble.