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  1. Hi, My sister is currently working with Employer A on EC model. Her H1B extension is denied yesterday. Her I-94 has already expired on Oct 09 2018. Before her I-94 expiry, another employer B (An american bank who is not H1B dependent) filed H1B transfer and transfer receipt is received on Sep 18 (which is before I-94 expiry). What are her options now? 1. I know that in a regular case, her illegal presence has already started and she must leave the country immediately. But, she still has another pending timely filed H1B in this case. Did her illegal presence started now? 2. Can she start working with Employer B on receipt now? Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am a H1B employee working in EC model. My H1B petition is approved for client A. My project with Client A is ended and I was assigned a new project with client B, who is in a different City. My employer filed amendment (which is yet to be approved) for client B's location. Now, client A opened my position for long term and asking me to join back. My employer is saying that he will withdraw amendment and send me back to client A location. 1. Once my employer withdraws the amendment, how soon can I start working with client A? 2. As my amendment is withdrawn before it is approved, am I considered to be out of status for the tenure I worked with client B? Thank you so much and appreciate any help.
  3. Hema Reddy

    Can I use time left on earle H1B

    It should be a new cap subject H1B. You will get it for 3+3 = 6 years
  4. Hema Reddy

    Approved H1B Revoked after NOIR

    Is it your first H1B? Answer to your question depends on this. What is your education background?
  5. Hema Reddy

    Processing Time for I-290 B

    What is the reason for revoking your H1B? My MTR (for H1B denial) is applied 6 months back and I am still waiting for decision.
  6. Hema Reddy

    Experience letters

    This could create a problem. Ask your previous employer to correct their records.
  7. Hema Reddy

    Experience for EB2

    It could be anything, but not from the same employer who is filing your GC. If you are show experience from same employer, then the new position's job duties should be at least 50% different from your current job duties.
  8. Hema Reddy

    Labor Filing

    It is filed on 6th year. When your PERM is filed, you did not have 365 days left on your H1B.
  9. Hema Reddy

    H4 EAD to H1b

    No. It is not. If you are currently working in USA on H4 EAD, your employer can apply for H4 to H1B COS. Your status will change to H1B only upon the approval of your H1-B petition. If your petition is not selected in lottery, or if it gets rejected, you will continue to be on H4 status with valid EAD.
  10. Hema Reddy

    L1 to H1b and I140

    You can
  11. Hema Reddy

    Emp B - Perm process - Need help!

    Since your MS degree is not accredited, don't mention this to attorney. If you have 5 years of relevant experience, you can still port your EB3 to EB2.
  12. If it is not more than 6 years since you last worked on H1B, you can transfer to H1B to any employer even though your old employer evoked it.
  13. Good morning everyone. I am an employee of an american based consultancy (working in EC model) and my current H1-B is expiring Feb 2019. My employer will start my H1-B extension process in December (after we receive renewed contract from client). I heard that H1-B extension can be applied in premium processing if is "Continuation of Previously Approved Employment". In my case, I am with same employer and client and performing the same job duties. However, last month, my client moved from one building to the other (within same MSA, just 2 miles away). Is my H1 extension still eligible to be applied at Nebraska service center in premium processing? Any response/help is highly appreciated.
  14. Hema Reddy

    H1B Denial Impact on GC Priority Date

    No. GC is for future employment. Your H1B denial does not impact GC priority date.