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  1. Hi I am currently working in XX company and my employer has filed a petition for H1B extension. Meanwhile YY company wanted to hire me and want to initiate a H1B transfer. 1. Is it permitted to initiate a transfer while extension is on progress? 2. If permitted Even if my current extension petition gets denied, How long i can stay legally until I know the decision on my H1 transfer? Is it permitted to move to my new employer if my extension with old employer gets denied and transfer gets approved? My current i 94 expires on May 31st. Can my new employer initiate H1 transfer after i94 expiry (meantime my extension papers for the old employer will be with USCIS) Thanks in advance for your time and clarifications.
  2. Bala_sesha

    Freelancing on H4

    Hi Can I work as a freelancer for indian websites living in US on H4? If not, is there any other way I can work on H4?
  3. Bala_sesha

    H1B grace period

    Very well clarified. Thanks a lot
  4. Bala_sesha

    H1B grace period

    Hi Team, My current assignment is getting over, I am planning to switch my job to a new employer. When I checked with my new employer they told it might take 6 -8 weeks to complete paperwork. I have some queries in this regard 1. Will I be considered as out of status if I don't have a job when I am in the USA on H1B Visa 2. How long can an H1B Visa holder legally stay in the US without the paycheck? (i.e. without any salary) 3. Can I join the New employer with the documents being receipted by USCIS? 4. Will it create any issues during 2018 income tax returns? Thank you in advance for your response
  5. Hi I am currently working with client A for an employer and my visa/i94 has expired. My employer filed an extension under normal processing on 12th May 2017. My current project with client A has been closed . My concerns are 1. Can I work with the new Client (say Client B) for the same employer under different location when the H1b extension decision is still pending? 2. Since I do not have an approved petition, is it possible for the employer to file an amendment for the new location and the client? 3. Is there any possibility to work remotely from the current location (Residential location) for the new client? Note: My approved LCA is based on the location of Client A. Would be glad if some one could shed some light on this situation.
  6. Hi, My H1B Extension is in progress. My employer submitted my documents to USCIS. Now my employer tells me that i need to work from a new location for a different client but my employer is same. Will there be any possibility for me to continue working in US(for the New client) when my H1b extension is in progress. To note my VISA expired on June 17.Also my LCA is filed with the previous client address. Is it possible for the employer to proceed with out filing the amendment or any possibility of working remotely for the New client