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  1. Hi, I am in similar situation. Is it possible to extend H1B beyond six years ( 6 to 9) for employer B with employer A (with drawn) approved I140 more than 6 months?
  2. Ganesh101

    H1 to H4 then H1

    Thank you pontevecchio
  3. Ganesh101

    H1 to H4 then H1

    Hi, I am currently on H1 visa (since oct 2016). My wife is also on H1 and her I140 approved in July 2017. I am not enjoying my work in industry (I am biology major). I want go back to academics but most of the universities wont sponsor H1 ( they will do J1). I have couple of questions: 1, Can I get H4EAD with my wife H1 (as her I140 already approved) and resign to my H1 Job once I get H4-EAD and work in University. 2, In the future if I want to go back to H1. Is it possible? or do I have to go lottery again? or In the future (after 3/4 years) If a company willing to transfer my unused H1 is it possible or my H1 is only valid for 2016 to 2022? Thanks in advance.