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  1. I joined client XYZ and started working last year and my employer applied Amendment and we got Specialty occupation RFE, recently employer applied Premium processing and it got denied. My employer again re applied Amendment with my H1B Extension before my I 94, H1B expiry. Currently I am working under 240 days rule period for my current project which is going to end this month end. In mean time I got married recently to my wife she is American citizen. we applied for GC EAD and my EAD got approved. My Question is Can I with draw my H1B Extension or can I do premium processing for my H1extension to see the outcome as far as I know the chances are more that H1B extension will get rejects. So, can I start working with my GC(EAD) if my H1B extension gets withdrawn or rejected does it impacts my GC ? as I am working on 240 days rule period so far. Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated, Thank You
  2. sreddy143

    NOIR notice on approved H1B

    Well as per your case, you already converted from OPT to H1B so there will no OPT status to go back, all you can do is you will have a 60 days period based up on NOIR so find a new employer and switch to them or else take CPT but it might be a risk from day one CPT u will have problems in future.
  3. Hi, Here is my situation, I moved from Client A to Client B last year and applied for Amendment for Client B and got an RFE, where my employer responded to the RFE and submitted required documentation and the submitted RFE was pending and it is in regular processing. Now my current H1B and I-94 will expires on September 1st 2018. Before 6 months (180 days) period i would like to apply for H1B extension. so what are the options i have ?? 1. Do i need to wait until my H1B Amendment gets approved for Client B and then apply for H1B Extension. 2. Can i apply for H1B Extension with referencing my amendment case no with H1B application. 3. What if my H1B amendment gets rejected or get another RFE, what are the options to apply for H1B extension.
  4. hire an attoreny they might help you because there is lots of documentation involved in this process.
  5. sreddy143

    Amendement & H1B Extension

    Hi Here is my situation, i moved from Client A to Client B in different state and my employer filed amendment for Client B and i got rfe, and my employer responded to that rfe and submitted all necessary documentation, i am still waiting to hear up on my case which is pending in regular processing. Also my h1b is going to expire in September 2018. I am thinking to apply for my H1B extension before 6 months based on 180 days period. I have question regarding whether i have to apply in premium processing or in regular processing. If i apply in premium processing USCIS will also consider my pending amendment rfe with h1b extension ?? I am worried what if its gets rejected. I have my i94 till september 2018. do i need to leave the country immediately if my h1b extension gets rejected or is there any 60 days period or can i stay here until my i94 expires? Please answer my questions which will be so heplful for me to decide and make secondary plans like
  6. 1. Applied for Amendment for new project at new client location and got RFE and Employer submitted my documents and it’s in regular processing might take usually 6 to 8 months. 2. Also, need to apply for my H1B Extension as my H1B and I 94 expires on Sep 1st 2018. a. If I apply for premium processing not sure whether I get an RFE or whether its approved or gets rejected. b. What if I get RFE in premium processing and again I must do another premium processing to submit my RFE until and unless if USCIS wont cancel the premium processing in APRIL because they took out all the premium processing’s last year. c. What if my H1B gets rejected, is there any 60 days’ period, do I need to leave USA immediately? but my I 94 expires on Sep 1st 2018. 3. Also, I am in relationship with my gf from past 2 years she is a USA citizen here we are thinking to marry soon. Can I get marry her and apply for GC/EAD processing in the meantime to be on safe side if my H1B gets rejected or do I need to wait and get marry her once I get to know about my H1B extension approval/rejection. What’s the best option?? 4. What If I marry her and apply for GC for change of status, can I still work on my current H1B Visa which is valid till Sep 1st 2018 until I get my EAD. Please answer my questions that would be so helpful for me to decide the best pssible solution for my case.
  7. sreddy143

    i94 expired

    Hi Pradeep, I am also in same situation now im over 80 days now can u tell me whats the best way toa pprocah and get this sorted out i have valid H1B stampng also Thanks, Sandeep
  8. Case: I 94 expired but have Valid H1B stamping and Valif I 797 A with I94 card on it. Hi can you please help me below is my scenario. I 797 A with I 94 card on it valid until - October 2018 H1B stamping on Old passport - October 2018 Online I94 Admit date saying until April 2017 bc My old Passport expiry date is until April 2017. Got my H1B petition approved in August 2015 with I 797 A attached with I 94 card on it. After that went to India for stamping in October 2015 and came back USA at the port of entry Office stamped and gave me I94 based on my old passport Expiry date which expires in April 02 2017. I applied for new passport and got new passport, now i changed my client and about to filed for Amendment and i came to know from my employer that my I94 got expired. So I am not aware of I94 get it renewed so immediately they told me to cross border and come back so that i will get new I94 updated. so yesterday i went to Laredo Mexico in car crossed the border and came back at the port of entry CBP officer check both my old and new passport and verified my I 797 A with I 94 card on it and told me i have valid I 94 card on I 797 till October 2018 and your good to go and we don't issue any New I94 card here. so my question is I have H1B stamping, Valid I 797 A with I 94 card so I am good to go ? or do i need to go back india and come back to get new I94 or Apply for extension to get rid of old I94 to get new I94. (But can i still apply for extension bc i have valid visa till October 2018) Which Option will be the best in my case I am already Out of status from last 80 days so i don't want to get into situation above 180 days which could be worse. I am so confused please help me out. Any help is much appreciated guys.