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  1. Hi I came to USA on H1B and my employer processed GC and my I-140 approved. Due to pandemic I lost job within 60 days I did not get job and I applied for change of status to H4 (my spouse holds H1B). After few months I got a job offer (still having H1B validity) and my current employer filed my status change from H4 to H1B (H4 not approved at this time). Finally my H1B approved first and 4 days later my H4 also approved (due to delay in H4 processing times). I was not able to withdraw my H4 because not received the H1B approval copy with in 4 days. Appreciate your answer about my current status H1B or H4? Thank you
  2. venkatad

    PERM Audit

    Hi I came to know from my employer my PERM got audited and "asking recruitment pages", can anybody explain what it means? approximately how much time to make decision on my case?
  3. Hi me and my spouse both are H1, my PERM was filed by my employer couple of months back (still i am not completed 6 years). my spouse completed 6 years and her 140 approved (current date is 2014), and got extension recently till 2020, but now my spouse employer asked to travel back to India in 2 weeks due to completion of project. here my question is she can transfer to H4 now and start searching new job. once my spouse finds new employer, can apply for COS to H1 and requesting your views what are the hurdles in this process and also what will happen to the priority date, 140 etc. and also how maydays my spouse can stay here with out pay?