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  1. Hi everyone, picked up in the lottery on April 2017 Aug 2017 got an RFE (specialty occupation) Replied the RFE in the month of October 2017 Nov 4th, 2017 got denied (the reason for denial Speciality occupation) Jan 26th 2018Filed MTR along with expert opinion letter filed Feb 7th, 2018 Got New petition number July 2018 Both the case no# changed to Case was reopened and reconsideration After 2 years of wait July 2020 My MTR case receipt no# change to the case was approved and old petition still it says the case was reopened Please guide me, someone, whether my H1-B is approved or not
  2. srini005

    Thread for MTR

    Here we go with update still my old petition no# says case was reopened and MTR petition no# says case was approved
  3. srini005

    Can some one share MTR success rate and timeline

    Hi, everyone, can someone guide me Today my MTR case is approved after 2 years of wait and My old status still it shows "case was opened and reconsideration" can some tell me the case was on 2017 H1- B Petition. Please guide me
  4. I have been waiting for 400 days till now MTR status remains same
  5. I have applied H1 2018 it got picked up later that is also denied, In 2019 applied till date didn't get any reply so my guess it s not picked in lottery
  6. No update sam225 raised the service request even though no update on the case
  7. srini005

    PHD cumberland

    the university of Cumberland will also be red flagged like university of framington pontevecchio ???
  8. No update just raised service request
  9. srini005

    PHD cumberland

    Hi anyone, Can someone provide me the template of that document PhD IT What are your research interests in the area of Information Technology? Why are you inspired to research in this area, and why do you think it is important to research in this area? Why did you select PhD in Information Technology? Why did you select University of the Cumberlands? As an individual, what are your strengths and weaknesses and how will they impact you as a PhD IT student? Where do you see the future of Information Technology going and where do you see yourself in this mix after obtaining PhD in Information Technology from UC?
  10. srini005

    MTR Fees

    MTR Fee should 650$ for I290B filling and attoreny fee tat's it...
  11. srini005

    H1-B denied and looking for transfer

    if it is new H1-B you can't to do the transfer, once it is denied like a "VOID"
  12. srini005

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    Guys As per my suggestiong don't wait for MTR plan for some other option I have filed MTR on JAN 2018 Till data(27-MAR-2019) My status changed to case was reopened and considerations I have been waiting for more than an year
  13. srini005

    No reply from uscis on mtr for denied h1b

    I have been waiting for my 2017 filling motion to reopen(MTR)
  14. Guys these two envelope concept has been changed now... just a update
  15. srini005

    H1B dined on Nov 8th 2018

    Hello sakthi, You will be getting a new petition number for the I 290 B motion or appeal, Whenever the status change happen in new petition, parallel your old petition gets update.