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  1. There is no stipulated timeline it depends on case to case...I have been waiting for more than 1 year...I am not disappointing you just let this Motion be in process,Parallel look for some other options...
  2. Hi Kakani, Could you brief of 2017 denial reason and appeal timeline in details
  3. srini005

    Thread for MTR

    No update
  4. srini005

    H1B Multiple Denied

    Mohammed could you please update your MTR status when you applied when it got denied.
  5. srini005

    Clarification on MTR Processing

    1) Can I file the new H1B in 2019 with the same employer, if my MTR filed for H1B in 2018, is still processing? Is it considered under dual petition filed under same employer for same beneficiary? Yes you can file new petition for the upcoming year, it did the same 2) Can I change the employer and apply for new H1B when Motion is in process? Yes you can after the MTR gets approved you can come back. 3) What if I changed the company and the MTR filed by previous employer is approved? And if the H1B filed by new employer is not picked during the FY2020 lottery, what will happen to the MTR that is approved? You can come back to your previous employer. 4) Can I come back to the previous employer if the MTR is approved and continue working? Please help me what the process would be for this scenario. YEs
  6. srini005

    Help Needed-H1b approved for only one day

    Hello shanmugc, Could you please elaborate your case right from the beginning I was also in the same boat, when your status changed and when got approval even it is one day approval your attorney can guide....
  7. Whoever applied MTR what is the status of your's
  8. I don't want to discourage you just wanted to share my experience last year Nov 2017 my H1-B denied employer filed Motion to reopen on Jan 31st till date there is no progress on my status i have been waiting for more than 11 months. Please advice just apply MTR and look for some other option..
  9. srini005

    Thread for MTR

    My old and new petition status is "case was Reopend for Reconsideration"
  10. srini005

    H1B Lottery eligibility with pending MTR

    You are eligible !!!!1 Good to go
  11. srini005

    USA Internal - Flight travel with expired H1B visa

    You can travel with the passport No problem at all, Along with that just carry the Extension filed photo copy document like I797 more than enough.
  12. srini005

    Regular H1b FY2019 Denied after submitting RFE Response

    @Kerwin Ross Thanks much for the detail explanation of Specialty occupation RFE I have few queries I hope you could able to be answerable 1) New H1-B candidate in USA as H4 dependent visa,one of employer applied H1-B 2018-2019 it got picked and received RFE "Specialty occupation " as per your above comments in my case my empoyer filed as in house project and We couldn't able to show payslip in that case what sort of documents to be submit for RFE 2)Qualification BCA and MCA we don't have any client since it in house project so what type of document we can able to provide instead of client letter,sow In addition,Soc code 1199 level 2 wage Guide me on this
  13. srini005

    Processing Time for I-290 B

    There is no stipulated timeline for Motion or Appeal, I have been waiting for 9 months, and it is not to discourage you it all depends on luck , but in general it is 90 days as per the uscis guidelines.
  14. Hello, This is your first H1-B and may i know what is your RFE? which center your case belongs to?
  15. srini005

    Thread for MTR

    No my case not approved, But it transferred and later it changed to case reopened and reconsideration