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  1. natan111

    Arrested with class B misdemeanor

    If you can't get the H1B status extended beyond Oct, 2018 you'll need a new passport. This process should not be affected by your criminal case. Can't you get a new passport from your consulate in the US? Traveling with open criminal cases is risky, obviously. I would try to get the passport and H1B extended in the US and stay in the country until the criminal case is closed. Even if it falls under petty offense exception, this criminal conviction (a CIMT, from the way it sounds), may prevent you from getting a visa stamped, especially if it's not yet closed.
  2. natan111


    You won't get RFE for H1B extension because of the DUI. The H1B visas can get revoked by DoS if you have a DUI but not the H1B status in the US. When you go for visa stamping (if you do) you'll get a chance to answer those questions pertaining to arrests, etc, then. As it happened more than 5 years ago, you probably won't need the medical examination either during visa stamping.
  3. natan111

    Initial OPT approval with DV charge

    You'll be fine as you have done everything correctly. Don't worry.
  4. natan111

    Recieved EAD and AP

    "if i renew my H1-b with my current company A, at the time of renewal will they come to know that i already have EAD in my hand." No, unless you tell them. Why is this such an issue for you? Why are you hiding your status and the Company B from the Company A? Company A cannot do anything to harm your AoS or EAD. Did you work illegally before receiving the EAD? Even so, it's very unlikely that Company A can "create problems" with CIS once you're on EAD.
  5. natan111

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Why do you continue posting here? You failed to clarify what your case is (conviction, charges, nothing???), wrote contradictory statements and now is appears that you already had a court disposition documents with USCIS. And, you already have the lawyer so just talk to them! But given how unclear your postings are here, your lawyer is probably just as confused.
  6. natan111

    Initial OPT approval with DV charge

    What do you mean by "not to answer about it"? Did you answer "No" or did you leave it unanswered? If the latter (probably, hopefully), you are fine as you did not affirmatively state anything. If you answered "No", that could be a problem. It doesn't matter at all what your DSO advised - you are the one signing the form so it's 100% your liability.
  7. natan111

    H1b with job but two pending DWI in Texas

    Do you have 2 pending DWI cases or one previous conviction and one pending case? Either way, you may have to show up in court or face additional charges (failure to appear). But your attorney can go to court instead of you and that should clear you of such additional charges. I would certainly not advise ignoring the court. Also, while it's unlikely that international extradition will happen (technically it can), the standing warrant and several convictions (2 DUIs plus failure to appear) may prevent you from any future travel to other countries (certainly the EU countries, Australia, Japan, NZ, Canada) for life. Are you sure you want that? Whether you can keep your job will depend on their internal policy (which you can review). If you fail to appear in court your charges/convictions will definitely not get expunged so your employer will be able to see them. With a standing warrant you may not be employable in most Western countries.
  8. natan111

    EAD I-9 and H1B

    But is the work for employer A still authorized (legal)? I thought I-9 was a liability of the employer (they face charges if they knowingly hire unauthorized workers). Where does it say that updating I-9 is mandatory for the employee (and what's the consequence of failing to do so, given that they are authorized to work)? And if it is, how does it impact the lawful status (AoS in this case)? Thanks!
  9. natan111

    EAD I-9 and H1B

    If one is working on H1B for employer A, with I-485 pending and a valid I-485 EAD, can they work part-time (on the side) with the EAD (legally)? Assuming that the H1B is voided as a consequence of the EAD based part-time job, can one continue working for the employer A (legally), given that the EAD is valid, even without updating the I-9? Thanks!
  10. natan111

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    You are confusing everyone with your contradictory posts. First you said you were convicted! Now you're saying the case wasn't filed in court. Please organize your own thoughts.
  11. natan111

    Assault Bodily injured Family Violence case

    That should be okay then. If you didn't do the community service, what would have happened? Would you have to plea guilty? Would the charges have been filed in court? If the latter, you're probably fine.
  12. natan111

    Assault Bodily injured Family Violence case

    Yes. If the case was dismissed for immigration purposes (and otherwise dismissed) you can naturalize regardless of when it happened - unless you admit certain facts of the crime not previously considered (i.e. you admit that you committed the crime). There is no max number of arrests you can have, even during the period of Good Moral Character. Without a conviction for immigration purposes one should be good to naturalize. That said, having multiple arrests, even without a conviction for immigration purposes, may raise a red flag. Also, if multiple arrests are ALCOHOL RELATED one can still face inadmissibility or denial of naturalization on medical grounds (even with no convictions). Again: I'm not an attorney and this is just my opinion, not a legal advice.
  13. natan111

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Just do what the RFE is requesting. It should not get denied. What happens is that H1B visas are revoked with a DUI, nothing to do with the status. If you go for visa stamping they'll ask you to pass a medical exam. Okay?
  14. natan111

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    DUI extensions denied? What? You have got a RFE, not a denial or NOID! What's your question? Isn't the RFE clear enough? Just do what they request (or what the lawyer asks you to do).
  15. natan111

    Assault Bodily injured Family Violence case

    Yes, this is very serious and can make you inadmissible or even deportable. Domestic violence can be considered aggravated felony by USCIS. It is not enough to just get the case dismissed! You have to have it dismissed for immigration purposes which means: 1) no plea or plea innocent must be entered, 2) no punishment of any kind must be imposed, 3) no conditions of any kind must be imposed, 4) you don't admit to any facts suggesting that the offense was committed (i.e. you have to be IN FACT innocent). What you need is pre-trial diversion. From your story it does not sound like this will be an easy case for you (you pretty much admitted to DV involving body injury). Your husband not pressing charges doesn't mean much. Get a very good criminal lawyer who could convince the DA (the state) to drop the charges and put you in pre-trial diversion. In most states pre-trial diversion will result in no conviction for immigration purposes and you'll be saved. You probably should not agree to any other outcome apart from outright dropping of the charges by DA (or police...). NOT A LEGAL ADVICE - get a lawyer!