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  1. infoabtvisa

    Public trust clearance on H4 , H1B visa

    JoeF Thanks for info. There is another post where it says "H1's are eligible for Public trust As long as you have all the documents with you don't have to worry". thought?
  2. Hello, I have H4 EAD work authorization and just got federal client project so need to pass Public Trust Clearance. Is H4 EAD candidate eligible for Public Trust Clearance ? just curious, Is H1b visa holder eligible for Public Trust Clearance ? Thanks a lot for advise in advanced !!!
  3. Hello, Currently, my H1B to H4 change of status and H4EAD application is in process. My H1b was withdraw due to layoff. I have approved I140. Kindly please advise on below questions. Q1> Is it possible to file unemployment benefit in Pennsylvania state? or New Jersey state? Q2> If Q1 answer is yes, then unemployment filling while GC in progress will affect Green Card process in future (considering new employer supporting GC process in future)? Thanks for your suggestion in advance.
  4. infoabtvisa

    H1b to H4 to H1b, I140 approved

    Thanks a lot for info IUSA
  5. infoabtvisa

    H1b to H4 to H1b, I140 approved

    Hello, My H1b visa expired due to laidoff and H4 ead application is in progress. Trying to figure out when i can go back to work. Below is scenario - H4, EAD --> In process and waiting on approval. Spouse is h1b holder and green card in progress. My Green Card --> I140 is approved already and H1b --> expired in June due to laidoff Considering above scenario, if i get a job offer from company B then, Q1> Company B can provide H1b sponsorship anytime though H4, EAD application in progress? Q2> If Q1 answer is yes, then is it possible to start work as soon as company B mail H1b application to USCIS since GC I140 is approved? No need to wait for H4 ead or H1b approval to start work? Kindly suggest on this. Thank you in advance.