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  1. DexterBravo

    H1B Stamping availability in Canada

    Hello Nani, I see only for Ottawa and Vancouver are accepting TCNs. There is no availability before June 2023. Thank you!
  2. DexterBravo

    Visa dates for Canada-Toronto

    Looks like only Ottawa and Vancouver are open for TCN and do not have any availability until May/June 2023.
  3. DexterBravo

    Visa dates for Canada-Toronto

    Hello! Does anyone know next available appointment dates for Canada? * Quebec * Toronto * Halifax Thank you in advance.
  4. DexterBravo

    Has anyone been to Merida, MX for visa stamping?

    Thanks! This helps so much. The wait times on the websites are so incorrect and does not mention TCN waits. On the website they have mentioned that TCN can apply at Merida https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/nonimmigrants-present-visiting-canada-mexico.html
  5. DexterBravo

    Has anyone been to Merida, MX for visa stamping?

    thanks Shashi. However, last time when I was checking those vs the dates that were actually available were different. Hence wanted to check with someone who can check the dates. Thanks, Dexter.
  6. Anyone has experience with Merida. MX? Also, could anyway be able to check next available date at the consulate? Thanks, Leena
  7. DexterBravo

    H1b visa in canada or mexico..

    @venkatramrm: Could you please send me the information as well?
  8. @raju.s Could you please let me know if there is a way to find out dates for US residents in Ottawa without paying the visa fees?
  9. DexterBravo

    Visa appointment availability for Mexico City

    Thank you for your response Vips1982 :)
  10. Hello All, I am planning to travel to Mexico for h1b Visa stamping in the beginning of July. Could anyone please let me know if the dates are available for first week of July in mexico city? Also, if anyone knows about any issues there? Thanks in advance!