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  1. Hi, My visa and I-94 expired on aug 07 2017 but extension was filed last year oct 2016. We received an RFE which we responded and USCIS received on aug 07. My project ended on Aug 15, but I am on my leaves till sept 12 ( my payroll is still on till Sept 12, without a client project). By then If I don’t find a new job ( new employer) or new project with same employer, I will be asked to go back by my current employer ( employer A). While waiting on a decision by USCIS, today Aug 26, I again received an RFE. ( not sure why, all my teammates with same documents got an approval). At this stage, need your advice what should be the best course of action Since I don’t have a client project, how can I respond to this RFE, can I use the same documents (MSA, SOW) submitted earlier? My current employer found me a new project with a different client and in the process of raising an amendment. With this RFE, Can this amendment be raised? Also looks like there could be chances of denial for the H1 extension if we do not have enough documents to respond, how will this effect my amendment for new client? If I find a new job ( employer B) and try to transfer my H1B, will this current extension pending, denial have any affect on the decision for the transfer? This will be a bridge case, so if the extension decision comes before H1 transfer decision, and if its denied, can I still stay in the country till transfer decision is pending? Need your advice as What would be the best option here? Stick with current employer or go with a transfer?
  2. My H1b extension was filed in Oct 2016 and I received an RFE on 22 May 2017. My current H1b is valid till 2017 AUG with valid I 94. this is second year in H1 B. My current SoW is valid only till 30 June 2017 and i was awaiting for renewed SoW with extended date to submit the documents to USCIS for the RFE. however my current employer manager just informed me that my assignment with the client will end on June 30 2017 and they will not extend my SoW. so i will have to go back to India. Now at this point in time when my RFE is pending and no new SoW to be expected and no client Letter, I am worried what could be done. 1) If i submit the documents with JD, SOW till 30 June and MSA - what are the chances of approval ( as the extension to my visa needed is post Aug 2017) 2) if i find a new Employer to transfer my H1B, is it ok to go ahead with the process with my RFE on current extension? will any employer take the chance of transferring? any consequences? 3) If i consider changing my H1b to F1 visa with Day 1 CPT, can this be possible? any consequences? what is the turnover time for applying and approval ? What will happen to current H1b extension with RFE My employer gave me a date of June 30. Request your valuable advice here . Thanks a lot! regards, Ann