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  1. nikhil0425

    Approved I140

    What I heard was that, we can only retain the PD only if we have I140 active for 180days. In my case it may not possible as I may get laid off before 180days and the employer may revoke the I140. Also I heard a clause that if the employer goes bankruptcy and an employee has an approved I140, then employee is eligible to apply 485 GC EAD directly. Is that right?
  2. nikhil0425

    Approved I140

    Hi there, My Employer filed my Green card processing under Eb2 and Two days ago my I140 got approved. However the organization that I am working right now is not doing well. They may layoff people at any time. What happens if I got laid off next month. Can I still retain my priority date? I am on my 5th year of H1b now. Also what happens if the Employer goes bank bankruptcy will it effect the GC processing? Thanks, Nikhil
  3. nikhil0425

    GC Processing on H4 EAD

    Hello, I have a question on my wife's GC processing. She is on H1B status right now and her employer sponsored for her Green Card Processing, right now her PERM labor got certified and her Employer will be filing I140 next month. Once after her I140 got approved. Can she change her status from H1 to H4 EAD dependent on me (I am on H1B)? If so, will that effect her GC processing, Although she gets her H4 EAD, she will be working with the same employer who filed her GC. Please let me know if this is possible to do with out affecting her GC processing. Thanks, Nikhil
  4. nikhil0425

    Retain PERM Priority Date

    Hi, I have a question on Perm Priority Date, Can you please help me whether my question is valid and is possible to do. When I was working for an X company back in 2014, the company sponsored for my Perm processing, my GC labor got audited and it took so long for USCIS to certify the labor, However, I left the company and joined a different company during the GC labor process. Soon after I moved my GC labor got approved on Aug 2015, But my previous company did not filed I140, since I was not employed with the company anymore. Now I got an offer from my previous company and willing to join, in this case if I start the new GC process again, Can I retain my Priority date from the GC labor that filed back in 2014? Thank you, Nikhil