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  1. The petitioner's attorney should know this. Talk to the attorney and follow their instructions.
  2. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Denied! Any options left?

    First things first, you do not pay for H!B, and that is illegal for you to pay and for the employer to collect. Are you in the USA? There is nothing you could do with this, try your luck next year, find a good job/employer and avoid shady consultancies.
  3. NotAnAttorney

    H1B visa: permanently want to move India

    You can book tickets, no procedures immigration wise.
  4. NotAnAttorney

    Change of employer while H1b is in Processing

    And you cannot contact and request USCIs for any action. It should be your old employer ( or their attorney)
  5. NotAnAttorney

    Change of employer while H1b is in Processing

    You cannot transfer that. As you are no longer in that job, that H1B is gone.
  6. NotAnAttorney

    H1-B Approved for 4 months from the date of approval notice

    Youe employer need to file an extension+amendment with new client now.
  7. NotAnAttorney

    Working remote part time on H1B

    The NY employer need to file for concurrent H1B. You might also most likely need a consent from TX employer , check your agreements and policies.
  8. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Lottery eligibility with pending MTR

    You are. Is the same employer filing for next year quota as well?
  9. NotAnAttorney

    Urgent : H1 transfer to new company.

    1. Need not at the time of accepting offer, but ofcourse you will intimate the employer, when resigning. 3. Without Premium processing, it might take anytime b/w 4-8 months.
  10. NotAnAttorney

    H1b pending

    If the position is no more available, the employer would withdraw the petition. As the employer never worked in that position, that means you were never in H1B status and cannot be used by other company to file cap-exempt(H1B transfer)
  11. NotAnAttorney

    H1B extension using I140 from OLD employer

    Even if he withdraws Employer B could still file for extension, as the I-140 was untouched atleast for 6 months after approval.
  12. NotAnAttorney

    H1B extension using I140 from OLD employer

    1. He will be able to withdraw it, but would not restrict you to keep the priority date or to get extensions based on it from a new employer. 2.yes. 3.No limit, until the priority date is current. 4.there isn't a "atleast" here.
  13. NotAnAttorney

    Current H1B denied. New petition from new employer

    Emp B can file for your H1B without going thru PERM/140 at this point of time. Just make sure your i140 was in valid state atleast for 6 months after approval.
  14. NotAnAttorney

    Changing jobs after 1.5 years of i-140 approval

    1. Depends on your situation. 2.not really, with the current law, you could continue to get H1B extensions based on previous employer's i-140. 3.Yes, atleast you should get a receipt. May be 3-4 weeks max. 4. It depends on what job code new employer would be using for H1B and how the job duties are related to your education.
  15. NotAnAttorney

    Apply on Cap-exemption using old H1B approval

    As stamping not done and not with same employer, a new employer cannot file a petition under cap-exempt.