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  1. NotAnAttorney


    It means nothing except the indication that they are working on your case and a decision could be made soon.
  2. NotAnAttorney

    Change of End Client during Initial H1B process

    If it gets picked, it is more likely to get denied if they go for site visit on Client A. Stay there until the H1B is approved. even though if it gets approved there will be long term implications, like for some reason if they visit client A for some reason and understand that you were not working at the time of approval, they would revoke the approval. So, stay wherever you are.
  3. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Location Amendment + H1B Transfer

    1. No 2. They are two separate unrelated petitions and will have different receipt numbers. 3. Yes 4. No
  4. NotAnAttorney

    H1 B CAP Filling

    For sure Premium processing doesn't impact the decision on the petition, whether its approval or denial or issuing RFE. But I would suggest to go per your immigration team, unless otherwise you have any criticality for these 2 months.
  5. NotAnAttorney

    GC Processing

    It will not be reset like that. You could stay and work until your max out while your company works on PERM filing. Then travel to India and let the company file i-140 and as soon as that is approved the company will file for H1B extension and you can go for stamping and then travel to USA. I didn't get the point why you want to leave though you have 7 months still to max out.
  6. NotAnAttorney

    Multiple H1B transfer petitions

    Yes, new employer could file while you are waiting on the other for decision.
  7. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Speciality Occupation

    is her job anyway related to her area of study? If that's not the case the approval seems highly impossible.
  8. NotAnAttorney

    H1 reset process

  9. 1. cap-exempt, can be used now. 2.not necessarily. any employer can file COS for H4 to H1 and you can start working after approval. 3.yes, you can use it to get extensions after utilizing the 3 years you have now.
  10. NotAnAttorney

    Impact on H1/140 After Moving Out from Country

    1. No 2.No 3.No, as you have an approved 140. Any company can use that 140 to file a cap-exempt H1B petition.
  11. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Agreement

    It is legal if that's in the agreement. The verbiage and the amount looks like its a legit company but not a shady consultancy. What type of company is it? Are they not willing to negotiate on the fee?
  12. NotAnAttorney

    Change of US embassy location for H1 visa interview

    I have had this question earlier. I know my friends who were in same situation but without any issue they were able to attend at different consulate than the one mentioned in i797.
  13. NotAnAttorney

    Can I sue my employer for many reasons?

    okay I know this is a consultancy. You can just threaten them, and most likely things will start working. You will not need to actually sue. But send an email to all of the ppl in that consultancy, give good details of how they owe, and proofs that show you have paid for h1b etc. And mention that clear immediately, else you will file with DOL. And you are in touch with immigration attorneys. Things might start to fall in line after this email. Also don't converse over phones. Keep putting these emails every day with more and more proofs.
  14. NotAnAttorney

    NOIR received for expired H1B

    I have one lifeline suggestion here....keep looking for any cap-exempt jobs..like those in huger educational institutions.
  15. NotAnAttorney

    NOIR received for expired H1B

    So what happened to your case and are you still employed with same employer? I know someone who was in a similar situation, company B filed for his H1B but the it was denied ( quoting that he is not cap-exempt as his initial H1B was revoked for finding misrepresentation)as the initial H1B was revoked by then. But again company C applied for H1B, and this time it got approved without any issues. He even traveled o India got visa stamped and entered USA. Company C had filed for extension and the extension also got approved. It looks like it's just luck.