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  1. Just google, there are third party ppl, who are assisting with this. Some companies/persons offering to go in person in Mexico, and have it paid on your behalf.
  2. There is benefit, as he will be relieved for his future PERM/140 filings about his profit and book keeping. "Ability to Pay"
  3. Though these locations are within same MSA, there is a material change to your petition. You might have mentioned old project details and now you no longer work on terms that your H1B was approved. Hence, your employer will need to file for amendment.
  4. I suggest you to apply for new employer as early as possible. After receiving NOIR, your employer needs to respond, make sure to have your employer respond to it. And I have seen cases where USCIS took final decision from 2 weeks to 3 months.
  5. It doesn't matter to you in any way. Not sure if they could withdraw or not, but definitely there isn't a need to cancel/withdraw.
  6. 2-4 weeks. USCIS suggest to contact them only if the document is not received after 30 days of approval.
  7. 1. 1,5 years 2. No, the employer needs to file new H1B cap petition.
  8. If your 140 with current employer was active for at-least 6 months after approval, you can take a step to move to new employer. New company can use your 140 from old employer and get an extension for 3 years.
  9. Check with your employer about the current status of the petition.
  10. If with same employer, then yes cap-exempt.
  11. 1. Premium is not suspended for cap-exempt petitions. Premium is very much available. Also, don't bet on PERM and 140 approval durations, they can take longer than you expect, better ignore the opportunity. Also, if you move to new company upon a140 approval, there is good chance that your current employer would withdraw his 140, and doing that will make you end up in soup.
  12. when you meant update, you mean online status? Or checked with attorney too? These days the petitions are being approved but online status is not changing.
  13. Is your employer going to keep this 140 active for next 6 months?
  14. Yes, COS is possible. Can file COS to H4 by giving effective date. Also, in future she will be cap exempt until completing 6 yrs. New employer could file COS again from H4 to H1.
  15. Nope, it doesn't work that way. Either a new H1B should be filed in quota or you can use existing H1B under cap-exempt quota if you could get 140 approved meanwhile.