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  1. NotAnAttorney

    Executive Order on Federal Contracting

    only Federal. I don't think it's filter in automated way. Either the federal agencies stop using H!B or USCIS stops issuing H1b if filed.
  2. NotAnAttorney

    H1B - Upgrade to Premuim Processing, what is needed?

    Beneficiary could pay the premium, but to apply it will go thru the attorney.
  3. NotAnAttorney

    Exemption for stranded h1b?

    The consulates are not really providing any H1 appointments of any kind except for someone one working on covid related stuff like doctors, scientists, research scholars.
  4. NotAnAttorney

    Emergency visa appointment

    yes. after booking the actual appointment you could request to expedite from ustraveldocs portal.
  5. NotAnAttorney

    Filed Exactly 1 year after leaving usa- clock reset

    No. the H1B should be filed atleast 1 year after your exit from USA, which means in your case if it's filed after June 25th 2020, then the clock will be reset but yours was filed April 1st 2020, which is within a year from your exit. So your 6 yr clock wouldn't reset.
  6. NotAnAttorney

    H1B transfer and I-140

    Company A can file i-140 while B's H1B is under processing. Technically there is no link to A'1 i-140 with B's H1B. But, if you move out of A within 6 months of i-140 approval, A could revoke/withdraw the i-140.
  7. NotAnAttorney

    DS-160 how-to ? Temporarily on Indian payroll.

  8. NotAnAttorney

    Can H1B extension and transfer happen at the same time?

    These both are not interdependent. They are two individual separate petitions. Decision on one will not have any impact on other,.
  9. NotAnAttorney

    Exec Order & H4 travel

    They can very well enter.
  10. There is a good chance that your Employer is hiding information. If that petition i s going to be revoked for finding fraud, then it's gonna haunt you forever. By book, if the cap counted petition is revoked for fraud, then any future cap-exempt petitions based on that would be denied.
  11. NotAnAttorney

    H1B RFE- Extension

    very tough buddy. Sad that they are looking at it now. But not so easy to defend. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
  12. NotAnAttorney

    H1B was withdrawn

    1. If you have a valid i-94, you can still be here for 60 days and search for jobs and if some employer files your petition within 60 days since your last day at previous employer, you are good. 2. You could get your H$ COS filed and stay here.
  13. NotAnAttorney

    H1B denied-Next options

    1. Yes 2. Yes
  14. NotAnAttorney

    H1B 2020 questions

    1. No 2. Yes 3.you need to work for atleast 1 little while and then move to B .
  15. NotAnAttorney

    Client Change on H1B

    Ofcourse amendment as the terms of h1b approval are changed.