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  1. NotAnAttorney

    H1b cap 2020 premium processing

    I would suggest not to count for 2020 cap. There will be new announcement around April 1st, if they will have premium or suspend it.
  2. NotAnAttorney

    H1B | Severance | Grace Period

    You have grace period for 60 days after termination date. Any new employer could file a cap-exempt ( would not go for lottery)for H1B within this time, so that you will be able to continue to stay. If a H1-B is not filed within these 60 days, you will have to move out of country.
  3. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Client Letter

    It will be best if you use. But there is no rule to include them.
  4. NotAnAttorney

    Intent to Revoke on first H1 petition

    It may be a reason for concern. If the first cap petition gets revoked for finding of fraud/misrepresentation then your cap petition gets void, and you will not be cap-exempt anymore while doing extensions or transfers to new employers. Try to get the NOIR document and consult an attorney.
  5. NotAnAttorney

    NOIR on new H1b visa

    ask your employer to share the NOIR. If its related to fraud/misrepresentation then you are in trouble and need to consult an attorney to formulate a strategy.
  6. NotAnAttorney

    unpaid due from employer

    Best thing that would work, send an email to them claiming that they had made you pay for H1B, GC etc and also had dues that are not being paid. Let them know that if actions were not taken and dues are not paid, you would complain to Department of Labor as well as USCIS. This might help. Let me know how it goes.
  7. NotAnAttorney

    H1 to H4 again H1

    Nothing wrong per info you provided, it should be approved without any issue. But we never know what's in store.
  8. NotAnAttorney

    H1B (no cap) extension from India

    Yes, it is possible. No info given about how many years left on 6 years cap, but still as you have approved 140, any company can file for cap-exempt H1B for you.
  9. NotAnAttorney

    H1b - Intent to Revoke Status

    @kolla99 @sman01 Could you please suggest what happened further with your case?
  10. NotAnAttorney

    Title change after 11 years

    Make sure your job title. H1B LCA and i140 Job title are aligned.
  11. NotAnAttorney

    H1 Transfer eligibility

    As you got approved 140, yes you can use that transfer even after completion of cap 6 years. Do not count on July2020. Count only Feb 2019 as the expiry.
  12. NotAnAttorney

    GC Processing : Advertisement/ Campaign

    60 atleast. It can start after applying for prevailing wage, but ideally after PW determination.
  13. NotAnAttorney

    H1b employment with gaps

    But you better have a reason documented somewhere; so whenever in future if there is a question you can give the legit response.
  14. NotAnAttorney

    H1b employment with gaps

    These should not create any issues.
  15. NotAnAttorney

    H1B Extension

    what is your i94 expiry date? You have grace period until your i94 expiry date. are there any changes in your petition? Location/Project/Salary from the prior approved H-1B? If no changes then you can get it filed under premium processing,.