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  1. Hi I have a couple of questions: 1) If a person got h4 stamping in 2016 in Hyderabad, India (Gave Biometrics on first day and interview on the next day) Now if that person is going to India for F1 stamping for this fall. Should bio metrics be taken once again? Or is it valid for 10 years once taken in Hyderabad, India.2) How to confirm if biometrics is valid or not?
  2. I am planning to visit India this August. I have couple of questions before I can plan my travel I have my H1b Visa Stamping from previous employer which is valid through Oct 2018. I joined new employer as FTE in Oct 2016 and got H1-B until Oct 2019. My question is can I travel outside of United States with less than 2 months of Visa (stamping) expiration which is from my previous employer. My Perm (GreenCard) applied to DOL last month i.e, in April. Can I travel outside of USA while perm is in processing? I know I have submitted my I-94 for Perm. If I go out of USA and then return, my I-94 changes. Will it affect my Perm in anyway?
  3. Today Murthy has posted on their website. For any one who has queries and following this post can check the below link. Link - https://www.murthy.com/2017/06/01/present-the-latest-h1b-approval-notice-to-cbp/
  4. Thank you for your prompt reply.
  5. Thanks for the reply. To make sure, current H1 Visa Stamp from my previous employer "A" which is valid through Oct 2018 and current employer "B" H1-B I-797 which is valid through Oct 2019 is sufficient for me to travel outside of United States. I don't have to go for stamping again as I already have my H1 visa from my previous employer which is valid through Oct 2018.
  6. Hi, Got H1-B Visa Stamped in 2015 Vancouver, Canada for Employer A (Desi Consultancy) which is valid through October 2018. Last year i.e, October 2016 I joined a Full-Time job for Employer B (Financial Company). I am planning to go to India this August 2017. Can I still travel outside of United States with my previous employer H1-B Visa Stamping or Do I need to get stamped again with new employer B. I am sure this was not an issue until last year November. Wanted to check if any new executive orders were passed recently from The President which obstructs my travel.