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  1. User=Sri

    h1b denied applied in Masters Cap

    Hey Charan, Can you let us know what was the RFE? 1) how long I can stay - 60 days 2) Will I be getting a 60 day grace period - yes 3) can I transfer my SEVIS to new school - yes 4) when will my SEVIS expire? 5. what I have to do after my sevis status complete - Transfer to new school with in 60 days. Thanks!
  2. User=Sri

    First H1B stamping in Canada or Mexico

    You can go to Canada for first time stamping but not Mexico.
  3. User=Sri

    Visa Approved - Vancouver, CN

    I got my passport back on 09/07 and flyed to US next day.
  4. Hello, I completed my H1B Visa stamping today at Vancouver, Canada. Questions Asked: 1. Is ABC your client? 2. do you work at clients place? 3. Who is your client? 4. Where it is based off? 5. How long you are working for the client? 6. What is your highest qualification? 7. where did you do it? 8. what is the name of the university? 9. where you on OPT after that? and then Consular said Good luck, I am approving your visa. Thanks.
  5. can you reply to this post if anyone is interested in sharing the accommodation in Vancouver from Sept 4 Thanks!!
  6. can you reply to this post if anyone is interested in sharing the accommodation in Vancouver from Aug 29th. Thanks!!
  7. Hey SunJune, I am also travelling to Vancouver on aug 29th, what date you are travelling? Thanks
  8. Hey KRey, Thanks for sharing you experience. I have few questions, can you please share your email address? Thanks !!!
  9. User=Sri

    Need assistance with DS160

    Sure, I will fill out new DS160 for Vancouver. Can you let me know where to update the new DS160 number? Do they update while taking the finger prints? Thanks.
  10. User=Sri

    Shared Room

    Hello, I have an visa appointment on Aug 30th. If anyone travelling to Vancouver in between 08/29/2017 - 09/01/2017, please revert back to me. Can someone suggest the affordable motels in Vancouver from your previous experience. Thanks
  11. User=Sri

    Need assistance with DS160

    Hello, I filled out DS160 for Ottawa consulate and booked an appointment on October 13th and was looking for any available dates in Aug/Sept to reschedule but didn't find anything. I found one at Vancouver center and rescheduled my appointment. Now my question is, DS160 being filled out for Ottawa, 1. Do I need to fill out a new DS160 for Vancouver consulate? 2. At consulate, If I ask them to change at while giving finger prints/security check will they be able to make the changes? Please advise how to move forward. Appreciate your help. Thanks!!!!