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  1. Hi, I140&485 filed concurrently under eb1c in Jan 2017. After wait for 8 months, In Sept end, received RFE on 140. Asking for latest W2 & pay slips (that's it). My employer sends the RFE response in Dec 2017 and USCIS received it in the first week of Dec 2017. After one-week USCIS site got updated to "response received". It's Feb 2018 now, it been almost 60 days. No response received from USCIS on rfe response submitted. Can you please share how much more time they will take to adjudicate my rfe response. Am I again set for many months to get my rfe response adjudicated?
  2. HI Sir, My EB1c 140 is approved EB1C 485 pending, Medical RFE came, Responded back, USCIS online status changed to Response received Approved EAD & AP from pending 485 Current visa: L1A (expiring in June 2018) My query is, can I switch to EAD from June instead of applying for L1A visa extension?
  3. Hi I recently received rfe on my 485 on Mar 5th. They asked for medical and supplement J. Today I heared that eb1c will retrogress starting April 2018. Will this delay for me in getting my GC card? Have they already assigned visa number to my case?And no more impacted by retrogression?
  4. Hi, it's been 68 days since my employer responded to 140 rfe and online status update. Did they unassigned my case from previous officer?
  5. Dear Sir, Mine is eb1 case. I complete 65 days today since my employer submitted RFE response to USCIS. My friend who submitted his RFE response after me got his 140 approved. But I am still waiting. Does it mean my case is under some extra processing or why the officer is not working on my case? Is this normal?
  6. Hi, My EB1C 140 & 485 are pending since Jan 2017 at TSC.I have approved 131 till starting 2018. What will happen if I relocate back to India? Going back as no point for waiting for infinity. No sign of 140 response/approval even after more than 7 months of filing.
  7. RaviGC

    I140 RFE under EB1C

    Dear Sir, I complete 65 days today since my employer submitted RFE response to USCIS. My friend(similar to my case) who submitted his RFE response after me, got his 140 approved. But I am still waiting. Does it mean my case is under some extra processing or why the officer is not working on my case? Is this normal? Pls reply
  8. RaviGC

    I140 RFE under EB1C

    Any idea how long I need to wait post submitting rfe response?
  9. Hi, My 485 is pending for decision under EB1C and my 765 &131 will expire in first quarter of 2018. How soon can I apply for 765&131 renewal?
  10. Hi, Does EB1C retrogression impacts I140 processing?
  11. How much will it delay EB1C 485 processing time? We been already interviewed during L1A visa for exactly the same requirement of EB1C. What would be different in this interview?
  12. Thanks for reply I been waiting for approx 8 months now. TSC processing dates have also passed. But last processing dates update they moved only by 3 days
  13. Thanks for reply.The reason I am impatient because eb1c I140 doesn't take more 7 months for update. Which gives a fear of what's happening. Retrogression does not impact I140 but 485. With eb2&3 you know the timeline beforehand and you also have option to go for premium processing.
  14. When did your status for I140 changed to Name was updated?
  15. Hi, I read many people from various forms who filed in Jan @TSC under EB1C report that they are still waiting for I140. Did they stop EB1C I140? So many people can't be in extended review. And TSC EB1 processing dates are at end of Jan. Any thoughts will be much appreciated!
  16. There is no I140 premium processing for EB1C.
  17. Hi , thanks for your reply. I thought PD retrogression doesn't impact 140 processing but 485. Is it not true? Also I know that they reset date in October and not November. Please clarify.
  18. Hi, My employer filed my I140 under regular processing in first week of Jan 2017 @TSC. TSC recently updated their processing dates for I140 to 31 Jan 2017. But I have not heard anything on my case yet. Can you please help why it's it so? What is the meaning of no response?
  19. Hi, How to understand the processing dates uploaded by USCIS on there website. They uploaded dates on May 24th stating dates ' as of Mar 31, 2017'. But these doesn't make any meaning. How to understand them?
  20. Thanks for your reply. I did filed online AR-11 for pending 485,765,131. But I didn't choose I140 while filing AR-11.
  21. Hi, I have pending 140 & 485 under EB1C category.I relocated to new location.As directed by companies attorney I updated the address for pending 485 but not 140. As my company has filed I140 for me. Do I supposed to file ar11 and update I140 address also? I am curious because it been 6 month and I waiting for my 140 approval.So wondering if this the reason. Appreciate,if someone can clarify.
  22. Also neither I am applicant or petitioner for I140 but my companies attorney is. Thus I should not be updating anything. Please reply, do you think this correct?
  23. My company filed I140 on my behalf. As per them I should not change anything on my I140