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  1. venkatachallam

    Change of Status from B-1 to J-1

    Good Morning I am a doctor by profession and currently on the B-1 visa with 3 months of stay left in the USA (Until November 2017). I would like to change my status to J-1 as I matched into residency program recently which will start on October 1st, 2017. I am in the process of acquiring statement of need from the Indian government. Once I have the statement of need Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates will issue I-2019. Could you please let me know if it is possible to change the status from B-1 to J-1 while staying in the USA without going to India? Also, do I have the sufficient time to complete the process before October with USCIS as my residency program will not allow me to start residency until I am officially on J-1? Thank you. Sincerely Venkatachallam
  2. venkatachallam

    Change of Status from B-1 to J-1

    Hi Pontevecchio, I can join the residency late with a buffer of 1 - 2 months (ie as late as November to December 2017). Ideally, it is recommended to start on October 1st, 2017 as joining late would cause more patient work load on my colleagues. This residency position is an off cycle match and will start on October 1st, 2017. Sincerely Venkatachallam
  3. venkatachallam

    B-1 visa port of entry with I-539 extension application pending.

    Thank you appreciate your suggestion and help. Have a wonderful day. Regards
  4. Good Morning, I am MD doctor by profession and visited USA multiple occasions (3 times) on B-1 visa for medical licensing examinations (USMLE) and clinical observer ships. During the last visit I was approved for 6 months stay at the port of entry. During the stay I was shadowing a doctor on a research project (with one of the hospitals in USA) and the final report submission required more duration than anticipated, hence I applied for 49 days B-1 extension. Unfortunately I couldn't complete the final report within 49 days and I left the USA 1 week before applied 49 days extension. It is almost 130 days since I have filled my I-539 B-1 extension application in January 2017 and haven't heard anything from USCIS. I was invited by the same hospital in USA where I was working to submit my research final report. It is almost 7 weeks since I left the USA and came to India. I intend to come to USA in 1 week to submit my report. My questions are, 1. Is it possible to visit USA with my I-539 application pending ( I left the country within the requested extension period of 49 days ) to submit the research final report ? 2. What is the paper work that I need to carry during this visit ? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.