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  1. Thanks for responding. This is not the 1st time stamping as mine is an Extension case. But the only doubt i was having is as there was a gap between my previous H1B [Expired on 09/30/2016] and current H1B [Starts May 2017] so that should not cause any problem.
  2. Hi, Recently my H1B ext has been approved, I need to know if I can go for stamping to Canada/Mexico. Below is my scenario. My 1st H1B [797 along with I94] through my employer 1 got expired on 09/30/2016, start date for which was 10/1/2015. On 07/13/2016 employer 1 filed for extension. In November I changed the employer and on 10/31/2016 employer 2 filed the ext and transfer. At this point of time H1B ext from employer 1 was still in-progress. In April 2017 employer 1 revoked the ext case which they had filed in July 2016. In May 2017 my H1b ext and transfer for employer 2 got approved. Based on this am I eligible for getting my visa stamped in Canada/Mexico as these are near by and i don't have any plans going to India. I just want to make sure that I have valid visa on my passport so that when I am going to India I don't have to trouble myself in stamping process. Thanks in Advance!!!