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  1. I my above post, my wife called the center on 5/30 and not 5/29. I remember it was on the first day of the week and forgot 5/29 was a holiday.
  2. Just got the H4 and H4 EAD approval. Applied around March 17th and got the approval on June 2nd. So it took around 2 and a half months. My wife called the processing center on 5/29 (4 days ago) and the guy said it will probably take around 6 months and asked her to wait patiently as they have a mountain load of applications and the apps that came in before her app are still pending. So if anyone got the same stereotypical response over phone, please do not be disheartened. I guess that's just a cookie cutter response.
  3. You seemed to have taken offense to my post. I don't want to digress or dilute this post so I will keep it very short. I am very well aware of what needs to be done if we don't get the extension on time. That wasn't my ask at all. And 'random' checks are happening. Random is by nature not a fact of life.
  4. I am in the same situation. Application reached them on March 17th and got H1 approval on March 28th. Been waiting on H4 and EAD since. I am not too worried about EAD but with cops randomly asking for visa documents these days, not having an approved H4 by the time the current term expires could become bothersome. Something tells me they won't buy the 'I have a receipt for extension' explanation. Subscribing to this post. Please do continue to post any updates regarding timelines. I will too. Thanks