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  1. Hi Shekar11#, Thanks for your response.
  2. Hi everyone, Are we suppose to resubmit the DS-160 form in case we postponed/reschedule the visa interview date by 2-3 months? Thanks!
  3. 5 year Work Experience with Bachelor's degree or 3 year work experience with Master's degree in CS or IT or slimier major.
  4. I have , B.E. in Computer Science and MBA from India with MS in computer science from USA. My total work experience is of 3.5 years after B.E. in CS and 1.5 years with current employer. (Total 5 years with two master degrees') I joined my current employer one month before getting my MS degree. And since I joined them one month before getting my Master's degree, they are filing my GC in EB3. Does that mean my MBA degree and MS - CS cannot be considered for EB2 ?