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  1. Hi I am currently with company A and has an Approved I140 for more than 6 months. If i move to company B and company B not willing to do the GC process(PERM and I140), can i get extensions every 3 years in future with Company B based on the approved I140. Is it madataory for company B to start the GC process ?
  2. Hi I will be in the final year of H1B next month . My visa and 6th year of H1B finishes on May 30 2018. I started my GC process with my current employer A in Feb 2017. PW(prevailing wages) is approved and Job posting is in progress. 1. If i move to a different client with employer A, should the employer start the PW again? 2. Can i do a H1B transfer to a different employer B, and start the GC process with the receipt number(without getting the transfer approval)? or can GC be filled only after H1B approval ? 3. Can the employer B start the GC process from Labor (skipping the Prevailing wage and Job posting) without the H1B extension approval? Since the H1 transfers and extensions are taking time (with no premium processing now), is it advisable to move to company B and start GC process? Is 1 year sufficient to get the I140 approval. I am planning to do the I140 in premium? 4. Can i get 1 year extension, if the labor is approved and waiting for I140? Thank you..