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  1. JK2409

    H1B to H4 conversion

    I am on H1B visa and my I-94 expired in Sept 2016. I applied for the extension in August 2016 and got an RFE on May 17 2017 (3 days before 240 day period) I was on project (end client) till March 2017 and then the project got over. While on bench my employer kept on running my payroll. In the mean time , 240 days of I-94 expiry got over on May 20, 2017. Now my questions is : 1. Now if 240 days are over and if I get a new contract then can I join. As per USCIS rules I read , I cannot work after 240 days of I-94 expiry. 2. I want to convert to H4 (my husband is on H1B) but that I should initiate now or after getting denial notice on h1B (in case things go for the worse). 3. Am I currently under lawful status even though I-94 expired more than 240 days back but extension petition is still being decided. When will I start 4. I filed for a transfer to another company, can I work for that company under a new contract (after these 240 days) or I should not work at all till decision on the application of prior h1b extension is done.
  2. Hello SS02 , Can you please let me know about your case as I am also in the same situation?
  3. @Madhu Raghav / swethakaushik : My wife is also in the same situation. Can you please guide me , if you got h1 converted to H4 when I-94 is expired and h1 extension is still in progress ?
  4. I filed for H1B extension on Aug 29, 2016 at Vermont and then converted it to premium on March 31st 2017. For premium I didn't get any receipt and there is no status change on my case.
  5. Hi All, Need urgent suggestion on this issue: My wife is on H1B visa her I-94 expired on Oct 2, 2016. She filed for H1b Extension on Aug 29, 2016 but as no decision was done so on march 30, 2017 we converted it to premium processing. For premium processing we did not get any receipt till date and there is no updated on normal mode. If she crosses 240 days by end of this month then she cannot work but can continue to stay in US till some decision is made. So in this situation what options do we have : 1. Keep waiting till some decision is done. 2. Can she go back to home country , I apply for H4 , come back and then file for new H1. For this case will she need a visa extension denial notice to file for H4 or when she files for new H1?