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  1. Service Request has been raised by my attorney after waiting for 150 days from the date MTR was applied.
  2. Hi All, I got my H1b Approval today. Still the case shows opened. but employer received hard copy. Below are the H1b MTR details for an estimates on processing time. H1b Denial - 31st March 2017 MTR applied: 28th April 2017 MTR service request raise Sep 13th MTR service request accepted Sep 15th H1b Case reopened Sept 18th 2017 H1b Case approval Sept 21st 2017 Good Luck and Best wishes for all waiting for the H1B approvals.
  3. Ckoduri, I have asked my employer to raise a SR. but still he hasn't
  4. Hi ckoduri, Mine too denied in Mar and applied for MTR on APR 2017 to California Center. No update for me as well on H1B and MTR. MTR Case still showing case received.
  5. Hi All, Anyone who filed MTR for H1B denial in month of MAR/APR 2017 got updates from California center. I have applied for MTR in APR-2017 and still no update on both H1B and MTR Receipt. MTR Receipt still showing case received.
  6. Hi GGDa, What date was your H1B denial, and what date you received the MTR Receipt.
  7. Manjan, Did you raise any service request in between after every 3 months ??
  8. Anyone filed MTR for H1B denial in last couple of months?? If so what are the stages involved and when do we get any update on the case after receipt is received. For my case its shows still Case is Received. what would be the next update..
  9. I got the Receipt number today for my MTR. Now what would be the next steps ??
  10. MTR has been filed on Apr-22. how long does it takes to get the form I-290B receipt number.
  11. Hi, H1B Denied in Apr-14, Reason E-E & Speciality Occupation MTR applied on Apr - 22 with (E-E and Occupation documentation) How long does the MTR processing takes? Is there any expedite processing for this. MTR has been sent to California service centre.